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Welcome, beautiful butterfly, to the Gratitude shop. Find gorgeous ways to increase the flow of Gratitude in your life right here:

Put your Hands on Gratitude with the Gratitude Tarot App for iOS and AndroidThe Gratitude Tarot AppThe Gratitude Tarot app is available in the Google Play StoreThe Gratitude Tarot App is available for iOS in the App Store

Put your Hands on Gratitude wherever you are with The Gratitude Tarot App for iOS and Android.

Transform your smart phone or tablet into a beautiful oracle of gratitude, with all of the cards, all of the poems and features that will delight.

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The Hermit card from the Gratitude Tarot as a pendulum.
Gratitude Tarot Pendulums
The Wisdom and Beauty of the Gratitude Tarot to amplify your intuition.

Gratitude Tarot pendulums $23 CAD + applicable taxes and shipping

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A journey with butterflies on the quest towards gratitude. 23 card. 23 emails. 23 days.
23 Whispers
Journey through the 23 cards of the Gratitude Tarot’s major arcana. Breath in the Beauty card by card, a quest on the wings of butterflies. 23 cards. 23 emails. 23 days. 23 invocations. 23 moments rich with Beauty.

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$23.00 CAD

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Share butterfly energy with someone you love, send them Butterfly Whispers.
Give the gift of Butterfly Whispers

Send love and support in the form of Butterfly Whispers to someone you love (even you!)

$15 CAD each (+ taxes where applicable)

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Energy clearing with Teresa
Book an IlluminEssence or GlowEssence with Teresa Deak to get your energy moving more beautifully.IlluminEssence A clearing for the energetic cord between your physical and spiritual self, includes a 30 minute follow up conversation with Teresa.

$145.00 CAD (plus applicable taxes)
GlowEssence The same energy clearing as IlluminEssence includes a follow up email from Teresa.

Type of Clearing

$75.00 CAD (plus applicable taxes)

SparkEssence Clear away the everyday energies that linger with us, includes a follow up email from Teresa.
$30.00 CAD (+ applicable taxes)

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Reach a deeper level of Gratitude by sharing your thing using Active Gratitude. Teresa Deak's 2 card reading will help you find out what your thing is.
Find your Personal Active Gratitude: $10.00 CAD (plus applicable taxes)

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Teresa reads 3 cards from her Gratitude Tarot to revel your power, the power you resist and the shift you need to really move into it.
Power Shift Reading: $17.00 CAD (plus applicable taxes)

More than just pretty pictures, this is a marriage of the Tarot, Gratitude and the Beauty in my photos.The Gratitude Tarot Deck $57.00 CAD plus shipping and applicable taxes

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A companion book to carry with the Gratitude Tarot deck to your favourite non-digital nook.Hands on Gratitude – The Book

Also coming soon: Hands on Gratitude, Your Field Guide to the Gratitude Tarot

Carry your Gratitude Tarot deck with it’s beautiful companion book to your favourite magical place: your cozy cafe, enchanted forest nook, quiet back porch, moonlit yard or anywhere far from the digital world.
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Thank you, dear one. May your day be filled with light and colour.

Hugs and butterflies,