Journey with Butterflies on the Path to your Soul

Beauty will save us.Beauty will save us.

That’s what I believe.

Seeing Beauty, being truly present to Beauty, can connect us with the Divine, can open the way for our hearts to sing.

The Gratitude Tarot delivers that Beauty.

Rich cards imbued with the Beauty of the Divine. The 23 cards of the Gratitude Tarot’s major arcana narrate the journey of your soul.

The email series 23 Whispers brings you this Beauty – brings you the Divine – card by card.

Let’s take this journey on the wings of butterflies

A butterfly invocation for each of the 23 cards in the major arcana of the Gratitude Tarot

Join us in 23 Whispers - a light and beautiful journey on butterfly wings, on the path to your soul.23 cards. 23 emails. 23 days.

23 invocations.

23 moments rich with Beauty.

23 Whispers

For you: 23 moments of Beauty. Rich with glimmers of the Divine. Delivered on Butterfly wings. Light for your heart. Soft touches of the Infinite. Whispers of the Vast Mystery.

Like 23 visits from 23 butterflies: brief, wonder-filled, beautiful.

In each email, view one card in the journey to Gratitude and read the butterfly invocation I wrote while entranced by the card. Hear me read the invocation to you, sharing the whispers the butterflies gave me.Join us on a light and beautiful journey to your soul, sign up for 23 Whispers - 23 emailed Butterfly incantations to open your heart to the Divine.

Wake up to this Beauty and breathe in its wondrous gifts.

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The journey to your soul can be as light and soft as the wings of butterflies.
Let’s travel there together in these 23 Whispers.

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