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Of Light And Butterflies

This is a place of Light and Butterflies. A place where we follow Beauty and Wonder to awaken the Divine within us.

We see Beauty in all things and especially in small things. We let ourselves be lifted by what we see and feel.

And beside the joy and beauty, we also feel pain and worry. We know they exist together and still Love Wins. We are here together. We are not alone.



Universally uplifting symbols of joy and connection with the Divine offered to you in love. Read more
Rock The Butterfly Essence with Moss Agate

Energy Work

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My Transformation Card for the collaborative Divine Love Oracle Deck led by Amethyst Mahoney.

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Beauty connects us with the Divine within ourselves, awakening our own sacred connections and knowledge. Read more
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Gratitude Tarot Deck

Gratitude Tarot

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Welcome in! I'm Teresa.

Thank you for visiting, it's so wonderful to see you here!

I'm Teresa - I love butterflies and bright colours and lifting hearts and causing smiles and exploring the sacred with you.

Spoiler alert: it's all sacred. We are sacred beings, so all that we do is sacred. I just like to point it out. And to share the beauty and wonder of it all.

You'll join me, right?

A butterfly soaks up the essence of malachite in a Rock The Butterfly Essence session.

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Join the Butterfly Rabble

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Let's make this friendship official

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