On The Way to 50 – Selfies, That Is

Life is a busy, fascinating journey – and things can get complex on the way.

It doesn’t mean we should give up on those things, and it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it – but they might not be easy.

Here’s what I mean:

Jelly Bean and I take a few moments for a selfie to support my 50-Selfie Scavenger Hunt request for suggestions. She's such a cutie pie!I’m in the first phase of the 50-Selfie Scavenger Hunt to celebrate my 50th birthday coming up in just over 80 days. We hatched this plan as a way to commemorate my aging, as well as push me outside my comfort zone into doing things someone else tells me to, and taking way more selfies of me than I would really like.

So far, I’ve gotten a good response, but I’m selfish and want more, More, MORE suggestions!

I posted my request for more and a reminder over there on Facebook, and the one comment was

Can you tell us what you have so far so we can get even more creative?

Okay, then!

And this is what I mean by complex.

First – have to figure out how to export responses and share them somehow.

Export to .csv, pretty up the formatting, save to .pdf.

Oh, right, Facebook doesn’t support .pdf.

Okay, it’s about time I wrote a blog post for a change. I’ll put the .pdf there.

Blog posts have to have a featured image. Guess I’d better take a selfie. Right. With the doggies. That should be fun.

Okay, must take a look at the photos – download to computer. Write a blog post while I wait for that since I have so many files on my phone. ha!

Realize this is one of those steps that I will have to do a lot once we get into phase 2 and 3 of the 50-Selfie Scavenger Hunt.

Think to myself. “oh, boy, this is going to be a lot of work.”

Wonder briefly if anyone would notice if I just let it fizzle and didn’t do a thing.

Take a look at the 70+ suggestions I already have and feel the love and wonder and beautiful intention behind so many of them.

Power ahead and write this for you.

Oh, yeah. How do I put a .pdf into a blog post again?

So, yeah. That happened.

The good news is that I spent a bit of time in the yard with the girls and we actually got a few good selfies.

And I now know it’s actually pretty easy to export your suggestions.

And I learned how really easy it is to include a .pdf in a blog post! Here it is: Suggestions for the 50-Selfie Scavenger Hunt

And I have a whole new blog post to go out in my newsletter.

So it’s really a win-win-win despite how complex it all seems to me.

Now, are you ready to offer your suggestions now? Please do!

Thank you, everyone, for coming along on this journey with me!

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