Eye Candy And Soul Food

Now you can wear my art! Clothing items with Essence Mandalas and beautiful images are available online! Get yours today and feel the power!

I’m so happy to finally share this with you!!

I have longed for this. I have felt the longing day after day, wanting a way to make these images more real.

No matter what lovely things I have shared and offered with butterflies and crystals, all along I have wanted a way to wear my (he)art on my sleeve. To prove that beauty will save us. To improve reality with a spiritual lift.

Not just for me. For you, too!

The beauty of flowers and crystals and bees, the power of the essences that flow through my mandalas, the ease of butterflies - all of this can hold us, lift us, brighten us.

We’ve seen this with our eyes.

I'm pretty sure the kimono looks better on me than on the half mannequin perched on my bar stool, but someone had to take the photo! Wear the essences of Divine Peace: Compassion, Generosity, Happiness, Inclusiveness, Kindness, Love and Respectfulness - all in a cozy, lovely beautiful draped kimono. There's more in my shop, too!Now it is time to feel it on our bodies!

I’m ready to wear beautiful, powerful images, adorning gorgeous clothes.

Eye Candy or Soul Food? Don’t choose! Be Both! I am!

My powerful, beautiful images are available on clothing!! And a few other useful items, too.

Now that I have a few items in my hands, I’m overjoyed to show them to you! And you can buy whichever items you want in the online shop! Click on through and take a look!

Is there something in particular you’d like to see? Maybe a particular essence with your favourite colour? Maybe it’s kids leggings or tote bags or notebooks? Let me know! I bet we can rock whatever idea you have! The possibilities go on and on and on!

So tell, me - do you want to know more about each design collection? I can write it up, if you want. Let me know!