Illuminate your Essence with Butterfly Healing

We, ourselves, are miracles. Flesh, bone and how many billions of cells held together with the universe’s version of duct tape: energy.

Everything we are, everything we encounter, everything we feel:Teresa Deak uses energy clearing to soothe the energetic cord that connects your physical and spiritual self, to illume your essence.

It’s all energy.

It’s a common thread, a bright cord that connects us with the world, with each other, with ourselves. I’m not the science buff in the room, and can’t explain it any better than that, but I can feel the trueness of it course through my body.

I bet you can, too.

And you can picture, just as I can, that we each have a material self and an spiritual self, connected, for the sake of simplicity, by what I’ll call a cord. In my heart’s eye it’s a flexible string, glowing with the light of your essence, pulsing energy back and forth between your two selves.

It is fluid and warm and brilliant.

Except when it isn’t.

With all the energy around us, all the pushing and pulling and carrying we do within every day, sometimes the energy gets muddled. Maybe extra bits of old feelings and thoughts cling to the edges, maybe there’s a kink or a knot in the string, maybe there are little flakes and fractures in its bright surface….and all of that leads to things just not going as well as we’d like.

We feel disconnected from our spirit, or out of place in our own body. Our relationships are bumpy and discordant. Our hearts are filled with worry or sadness. Things just don’t feel right.

What we need is to get that energy moving again, to let it flow the way it wants to move.

With Butterfly Healing, I’ll help make the space for your energy to move in best service to you. This may release thoughts or feelings you no longer need, enliven your spirit with wonder and creativity, or soften the disruption of the outside world.

People I’ve worked with have felt more grounded, more creative, more at ease and more happy.

If this sounds interesting to you, if it fits with what you believe and what you feel, I’d love to work with you!

I offer you IlluminEssence:Book an IlluminEssence or GlowEssence Butterfly Healing with Teresa Deak to get your energy moving more beautifully.

Butterfly Healing for your energetic cord to smooth the energy that connects your material and spiritual selves. I do this in four parts: working first with your material self, then your spiritual self, followed by the energetic cord that connects both parts of you. Then bringing in your butterflies to aid in grounding you. After the Butterfly Healing, we talk for a half hour. I share with you the impressions that came to me during the session and we discuss how they fit with what you’re experiencing.
I also conduct an 8 card essence reading with my Gratitude Tarot cards. 3 cards each for your material self and your spiritual self and 2 cards for your energetic connection between them.

$123.00 CAD (+ applicable taxes)

For a lighter version of this Butterfly Healing, try GlowEssence:

With the same 4 part Butterfly Healing as the IlluminEssence, and 3 cards drawn from the Gratitude Tarot, you’ll receive the same energetic lift and the butterflies during the grounding. While there’s no conversation after, I will send you a brief email letting you know the impressions I received during your session, a brief description of each of the cards drawn, and links to the poetic interpretations of the cards. You can choose whether you would like to clear a situation, a relationship with someone else or your own energetic cord.

Type of Clearing

$53.00 CAD (+ applicable taxes)

For a quick pick-me-up try SparkEssence:

This Butterfly Healing focuses on the energy that stays with you as you interact in the world and with other people, making the space for it to move on and allow your own energy to flourish. With this mini-healing and a single card drawn from the Gratitude Tarot, you’ll feel the flow of energy become lighter. I will send you a brief email letting you know the impressions I received during your SparkEssence, and a link to the poetic interpretations of the card.

$23.00 CAD (+ applicable taxes)

Michelle Currie, Rhythm GoddessI loved the IlluminEssence session I had with Teresa! Everything she picked up on was relevant to my work and life situation at that moment. The energy clearing was deep and powerful! The best thing was that I had a headache when we started the session, and it completely disappeared by the time we were done! Thank you Teresa.

Michelle Currie, Rhythm Goddess at Meditative Arts

Lana Angel, Tarot consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapist
Teresa, I am at long last writing about the phenomenal IlluminEssence energy clearing you recently did for me. It has taken me two whole days to process the experience – and I mean that in a very good way. I was amazed (don’t use that word often or lightly) by the scope of your intuition: you had several insights, large and small, that were right on target. That was pure validation of your gift and of the power of the clearing that followed. I spent the first 24 hours afterward in what felt like releasing mode, then these last hours in a state of what I can only call rejuvenation. Please let me know if you decide to do follow-ups – I can hardly wait to see what happens next! A heart-centered thanks, Teresa, for this wonder-full experience.
Lana Angel, Tarot consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapist

Jenny Bones of Up Your Impact FactorI didn’t know what to expect with my clearing session with Teresa, but I have to say that in our follow-up chat I was truly blown away. Teresa was able to nail exactly how I was feeling, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Not only did she intuit my current state of being, I believe she was able to transmit healing energy to parts of me that needed it the most. On a very practical level, I had been having some intense pain in my right wrist as a result of too much time at the computer. Teresa identified this shooting pain and we talked about it briefly. It wasn’t until after our talk that I noticed the pain had all but disappeared. It’s been two weeks and the pain still has not returned. As for my inner peace and balance, after the clearing I was literally floating on a cloud for the rest of the day. I wholeheartedly believe that you will benefit as much as I did from accepting this experience with her. Jenny Bones, Tarotist and Meditation Guide at Up Your Impact Factor, after her first IlluminEssence clearing.

Eveline Maedel The Storymidwyfes CauldrenMy SparkEssence clearing from Teresa was just what I needed to help me get unstuck and focused for the day. I’m amazed at what quick insight can come from a short reading. A SparkEssence is not some tiny little clearing, it’s a powerful, insightful bundle that is perfect for when you just need that little extra something to get you cleared and back on the right track.

Eveline Maedel, Spiritual Director and Inspirational Artist at The Story Midwyfe’s Cauldron

Joanna Saunders, QuiltmenderI was struggling with what was coming next for me when I won a SparkEssence reading from Teresa. The reading showed me (therefore boosted my confidence) that I am going in the right direction. Who knew a reading could include beautiful butterflies? A butterfly landed on my shoulder grounding me and bringing peace. The gratitude card I received continued with the theme that I am going in the right direction. I invite you to give yourself a treat. Book a session with Teresa. Find out what the Butterflies have for you. Joanna Saunders, Life Transformation coach at Quiltmender Coaching

Theresa Reed The Tarot Lady
I have had energy clearings before with other people so I assumed that I had an idea of what to expect in mySparkEssence session with Teresa Deak. But to my surprise, her method had a completely different feel to it. While Teresa was doing the work, I experienced a powerful shift – almost as if some sort of invisible veil was being lifted off of me. The best part were the insights she shared with me later. She was able to accurately tune in to what was going on around me and advise me on the best course of action. The session was completed with a draw from her Gratitude Tarot deck, which gave me some additional guidance to ponder. I don’t know what kind of mojo she is working with but I am still feeling the effects. I feel clear, calm and rebooted after the session! Thank you so much for sharing your gift, Teresa!

Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady