Your heart knows, let’s find her together

Your heart is ready to be light.

You’re ready to feel. All of the feelings.

You’re ready to see that Beauty really is in all things. Even unexpected things. Especially in small unexpected things.

You know there is a door waiting for you to walk through. You’re ready to find it. To find the Infinite within you.

And the Gratitude Tarot is ready to show it to you.

Yes, these are pretty pictures.

Lush, rich.Your heart knows. Join Teresa Deak with our Hands on Gratitude to find the answers together.


Just like you.

Just like me.

And just like you and me, they are so much more than just pretty pictures.

I believe my heart has all of the knowing that I need.

Your heart has this too.

We don’t always hear what she has to say.

We don’t always understand what we already know.

We don’t always feel the Infinite within us, guiding our way.

She has the best answers.

The most peace. The brightest light.

My journey to her light found me uncovering the elements of Gratitude through my camera’s lens:

Thankfulness, Awareness, Community, Kindness

It feels so good – so connected and peaceful, so Intimate and Infinite – that I want everyone to feel it.

More than just pretty pictures, this is a marriage of the Tarot, Gratitude and the Beauty in my photos.So I married the tradition of the Tarot, describing every human emotion, with the elements of Gratitude and the Beauty in my photos.

I want you to feel this.

I want you to have a way to reach your own inner knowing.

I want you to find the doorway to the Infinite in the most intimate detail.

Come with me on this journey to Gratitude.

Let’s find our answers together.

The Gratitude Tarot is the beginning of a whole movement to place many Hands On Gratitude.Teresa Deak is a butterfly spirit, drawn with her lens to reveal Beauty in (sm)all things. Her journey to photography, and then to Gratitude, started with a broken shoulder and a dog with cancer. Yet it’s never been a country song. Creating the Gratitude Tarot has been rich with joy and new connections and bright energy that marks the beginning of a whole movement to place many Hands On Gratitude.

Let me see into your heart….and you into mine

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