Gratitude Tarot App: Beauty and Wisdom To Go

The Gratitude Tarot App for iOS and Android

Beauty and Wisdom To Go

The Gratitude Tarot app is available in the Google Play StorePut your Hands on Gratitude with the Gratitude Tarot app for iOS and Android.The Gratitude Tarot App is available for iOS in the App Store

Are you ever waiting somewhere far from the comforts of home and wish you could relax with some beautiful photos and heart-opening poems?

Have you been thinking you might like to explore the Tarot, but not known where to start?

Have you ever been away from home and wished you could pull a card to help settle your mind?

The Gratitude Tarot is available as an app for iOS and Android. You can have your Hands on Gratitude wherever you are.The beautiful Gratitude Tarot deck is now available as an app for your iOS or Android device.

Yes, you can have 79 gorgeous photos and their beautiful poems with you wherever you go.

Yes, you can explore the Tarot in beautiful photographs and meanings held in the elements of Gratitude.

Yes you can pull a card or do a reading anywhere, as long as you have your smart phone or tablet.

The Gratitude Tarot app is the digital adaptation of the Gratitude Tarot I created with my photos and interpretations.

  • Browse all 79 cards
  • Read the short interpretations and the poems
  • Listen to Butterfly Oracle and Gratitude Tarot creator, Teresa Deak, read the poem for each card
  • Use any of the 5 specially designed layouts or create your own free form layout
  • Watch the cards shuffle on your screen – so cute!
  • Save your readings of the pre-designed layouts in the journal
  • Revisit and even edit the text of the readings in your journal
  • Read more on the creation of the Gratitude Tarot and the ways you could use the app

The Gratitude Tarot App includes options to browse, listen, conduct and save readings.

“Teresa,thank you so very much for the opportunity to test this!!! I was interested in the tarot again, and this spoke to me more clearly than any of the other tarot decks I’ve had (10 – 15?)” ~ Janet

Teresa Deak, Butterfly Oracle, creator of the Gratitude Tarot and the Gratitude Tarot App.As a butterfly oracle and see-er of beauty in (sm)all things I wanted others to have a tangible way to experience the spark of connection and the deep sense of the flow of Gratitude that I feel through my photos. I found Tarot made a perfect structure, with cards representing every aspect of human emotion and experience. This deck — held warmly in the elements and meaning of Gratitude — and its new and easy to use mobile version, can bring Beauty and Wisdom anyone with a phone!

“Thank you for letting me be involved! There were a couple of readings I did, that moved me to tears! They resonated so deeply it startled me! The timing of them made me realize I had things at the back of mind, that I was ignoring, but need to address! “ ~ Laura

The Gratitude Tarot App feels spacious and light with a design that highlights the bright beauty of the photographic cards. With such a pretty interface you can truly experience the uplifting and calming nature of the Gratitude Tarot wherever you are.

The Gratitude Tarot app is available in the Google Play StoreThe Gratitude Tarot App is available for iOS in the App StoreAvailable for both iOS and Android devices, you can have your hands on gratitude whenever you want.

The Gratitude Tarot App gives you Beauty and Wisdom To Go on Android and iOSThis app would not have been possible without the skills and efforts of the developer, David Wong. He did a great job of keeping me on task, being patient with my learning curve and caring as much as I do about how this app will look and function. He’s a class act all the way and I’d work with him again in a heartbeat. Pop over and visit his igtsoft site.