Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017

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Here you go, Dear Ones: Butterflies! They are for you and for all who need them. Share them widely – tag those you want to see them or go ahead and share them.

Butterflies give us a moment of peace and calm – of joy and pleasure – an uplifting pause from all that weighs us down.
Let their ease and peace find its way to your heart. May your spirits be lifted by their bright colours and curves. May they carry way your worry and pain.

Today’s image layers photos I took of lilies and shimmers and yellow swallowtail butterflies along with my newest Essence Mandala “Soulful Serenity”. Take a moment with this image, follow those curves and hues – feel them pour Soulful Serenity directly into you. Breathe it in and feel it reach all the parched and sore and brittle parts within. Let it be fuel for your heart and balm for your soul. Let the Divine within you awaken to the touch of the butterflies and share its light and beauty with the world. Soul to soul let us connect and conspire to spread serenity and light and love everywhere we go.

You are loved. You are not alone. ???????????????????????????? #butterfliesforyou #butterflyenergy #Soulfulbutterfly #EssenceMandala #spiritualsupport

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