Your personal Hands on Gratitude reading

We all get there sometimes, to that point of not knowing.

And I say this because I want you to know you are not alone.
How do you access the inner knowing of your heart? How about with a Hands on Gratitude Reading?

Deciding between many choices…

Feeling there is no choice…

And a million scenarios in between.

In the root of my being I know that we each hold the answers we seek. That deep within our heart of hearts is all of the knowing that we will ever need.

And, yet, it’s so easy to not hear.

It whispers, or hints with wild daydreams or cranky body parts. It is stubbornly silent, or simply can’t be heard above the volume of our questions.

And just as there are many souls, all alive and rich with those answers, there are many ways to seek those answers. To seek our own inner knowing.

I asked my people on Facebook

“Which tools do you use to access your Inner Knowing?”

You were all so wonderful to respond, so open and beautiful and authentic.

And prolific!

There were over 30 items on that list! Everything from walking to prayer, from taking a shower to dreamboarding, from shamanic journeys to gardening, and, of course, Tarot.

These are all beautiful, all rich with meaning and ripe with power.

Each of these ways carries its own sacredness, its own tangible power.

And we are each open to use as many as we want, to stay with what has always worked for us before, and to try new ways in the hopes of opening more fully to the messages.

Joyously, we never have to do this alone.

It’s true there are times for solitude in our search for answers. It’s also true there are times to reach out. Ask a friend, chat with a monk, talk to an expert.

You can tap into the wisdom your own heart with a Hands on Gratitude reading by Teresa Deak, the creator of the Gratitude Tarot.There are many experts you could talk with, many who would offer their insight, their intuition, their personal form of guidance. Including my Hands on Gratitude readings.

Guided by your questions and my intuition, I let the universe and my Gratitude Tarot* give light to the Beauty and wisdom that is there to guide you.

It’s just a matter of seeing your situation with new eyes, of noticing what you’ve not been seeing,

of seeing the now through the lens of the beautiful.

These cards are rich with all of the variety of human experience, rich with every human emotion, imbued with Beauty and the elements of Gratitude.

Are you ready for Gratitude to guide you?

This is what a Hands on Gratitude Reading is like:

Introducing: your Hands on Gratitude Reading from Teresa Deak on Vimeo.

That’s right, your reading will be delivered to you in a video a lot like this! Loaded on Vimeo with your own personal password, you’ll have the chance to watch it as often as you want. You can even download it!

This Beauty-filled insight is $46.00 CAD (plus any applicable taxes)

* I created the Gratitude Tarot by connecting the meanings and structure of the Tarot with the elements of Gratitude and my own photographs.