The Gratitude Tarot Deck – Do You See the Essence of Your Soul?

Our souls don’t come with a user manual. Within each of us, there is that spark, that whisper, that something we can’t quite define.

It sometimes speaks in riddles through our bodies or in the things that happen in our lives. Messages hidden in languages we have long since forgotten. Or too quiet to hear above the din of our lives and our thoughts.

And so it remains. Veiled in mystery.

The Divine in you doesn’t need to be mysterious. It’s right there. Waiting to be seen.

The Gratitude Tarot is dedicated to Duchess the swan, who graces the back of each card and 5 cards in the deck.In the unfolding of a bud.

In the shimmer of sunlight on water.

In the white feathers of Duchess the swan.

All of these things are reflected in you.

Right there in your soul.

If only there was a user manual.

The Gratitude Tarot is not that user manual. But it is 79 gorgeous guideposts that urge you to follow the Beauty all around you to the deepest knowing of your own soul.

It is a tool to help to reveal what is in your heart, that can help to reveal the essence of your own soul.

All that we see in the world around us – in the Beauty of nature – is the Divine. Her Intimate details open wide the doors to the Infinite, the doors to your own heart.

With these cards, you can use the same tool that I used to find the labyrinthine path to my own essence.

Each Gratitude Tarot Deck comes in handmade fabric bag adorned with Tiger's Eye bead.Based on the spiritual experience I had while taking the photos, I gave this deck the name Gratitude.

When I speak of living in Gratitude, it could also be called living in flow, in love, in connection with the Universe.

Follow the steps through the 4 minor arcana to the fullness of Gratitude.

It begins in Thankfulness – in feeling thankful for the beauty that surrounds us, that is in us. In the Gratitude Tarot, the Thankfulness arcana is similar to Pentacles.

This leads to Awareness – to noticing that that Beauty imbues all things and small things and every single moment. Awareness is similar to Swords.

Suddenly everything is connected – it’s Community. Once we see the Beauty everywhere we feel connected to the universe and to each other. Community is similar to Cups.

And that opens our hearts to Kindness – a deep and respectful awe of nature, of life, of each other, of ourselves. Kindness is similar to Wands.

The four aces and the fool from the Gratitude Tarot deck by Butterfly Shaman Teresa Deak.

I call these the four elements of Gratitude. As I walked a path through Thankfulness and Awareness to Community and Kindness, I found myself swimming in the flow of Gratitude.

The Major Arcana has one extra card to express that fullness of living in the flow of Gratitude, and to honour my magical number, 23.

For me, there is no place in Gratitude for comparison or obligation – it’s not a duty, it’s not an “I’m so lucky because they are not”. And it is so much more than mere Thankfulness.

The Gratitude Tarot reminds you to look deeply and carefully at the beauty all around you and within you. Soak it in. Feel it. Live it. And through it, open your heart to exactly the life that you want.

Dedicated to the gracious life of Duchess the swan, she is remembered on the back of each card. She also graces the face of 5 cards, including the bonus major arcana card “Gratitude”.

There are a few decks left from the first run of 100 decks that were printed. Each comes in a handmade bag with a tiger’s eye bead.

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View all of the card images and interpretations here.

The Gratitude Tarot App for iOS and AndroidRead the poetic interpretation of each card here.

The Gratitude Tarot is also available as an app for your Android or iOS device, including each poem read by Teresa.

Gratitude Tarot Pendulums are another tool to find your inner answers and are hand beaded by Teresa.

23 Whispers follows the 23 cards of the major arcana in the Gratitude Tarot, combined with visits from butterflies as a heart-opening breath of beauty to start your day.

The book is in its final stages of completion, combining the poems and cards and more information about your soul’s journey. Sign up if you want news on the book availability.

We each write our own soul’s manual. Mine follows the path of butterflies and beauty, swings gently at the whim of a pendulum and floats in the river of Gratitude. Perhaps yours does too?