50-Selfie Scavenger Hunt

fifty selfies

I'm taking 50 photos in celebration of turning 50.

50-Selfie Scavenger Hunt!

To commemorate my 50th birthday and celebrate the new face of 50, I’m going to take (and share) pictures.

50 pictures!

Not just any 50 pictures – I usually take 50 pictures before breakfast!

Because I like complex and arcane things, it will be a scavenger hunt.

It's a 50-picture scavenger hunt where YOU will tell me what photos to take.

Obviously, I'll need to be able to prove I was actually there – that I actually found the thing and took the photos you've suggested...so all of the photos will be selfies**.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

**For the purposes of this 50-Selfie Scavenger Hunt, a selfie can:
Be with any part of my body: face, tattoo, feet, cleavage – anything I choose.  2) Actually be taken by another person, if it makes more practical sense or a better photo.

This is where you come in!

Send me scavenger hunt items!

Do you want to play a part in commemorating my 50th birthday Have you always wanted to tell me what to do?

Here's where you do it!!

I'm looking for as many picture scavenger hunt suggestions as I can get.

Fill in this form as many times as you'd like for your suggestions to be considered in my 50-Selfie Scavenger Hunt!

Hint: There are a few details and tips below.

  • What do you want me to call you?
  • What do you want me to take a selfie with? Be as vague or specific as you like in 120 characters or less
  • If you'd like a chance to win any prizes, I'll need your email address. Thanks!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Final date for submissions is July 22, 2017 - exactly 80 days before my birthday. That should give me enough time to get 50 scavenger hunt selfies, right?

I need your suggestioning!

I’m going to need a lot of suggestions about what those selfies are going to be taken with, because here’s the thing: I kinda really hate being told what to do.

That means I need way more than 50 suggestions so I can find 50 scavenger hunt items that will fit my criteria and that I don’t mind being told to do.  Got it? Cool.

Some example suggestions might look like:

  • Something red that’s bigger than my head
  • The oldest building in town
  • Someone famous
  • A purple and orange flower
  • Art that isn't really art
  • Walking a shelter dog
  • A boat that isn’t in water

Seriously, describe anything, and it’s a suggestion. Silly things, heartfelt things, acts of kindness, things that are open to interpretation. You name it. I play it.  


Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want me to actually consider your suggestions:

  • I won’t knowingly do anything illegal - including trespassing
  • I reserve the right to artistically interpret your suggestion, especially if the literal suggestion is not feasible
  • Although there’s a chance I may spend money to be in the place that has the scavenger hunt item, I reserve the right to decline if the amount of money is more than I feel comfortable spending for a selfie
  • There’s a slim chance nudity may be implied, but it won’t be overt

It’s my birthday and these are my selfies, so I actually reserve the right to decline any suggestion.

With that said, I do plan to be a good sport about it, and will be mustering all my creativity and leaving-home energies to help me achieve a full set of 50 selfies based on your scavenger hunt suggestions.