Cleavage As Spiritual Practice? If It Lifts, It Fits!

Light pours through on a Rock The Butterfly Essence Session with Mexican Onyx surrounded by spiritual helpers. I have asked for guidance – more than once – about what I am here to do.

The clearest answer was that I am a “daughter of light”.

Which I have pondered at length to try to understand.

Seriously, in today’s world, what on earth can that mean?

It took a conversation with a long-time friend after a successful surprise we pulled on his daughter for that to be clearer.

He sees what I do with butterflies and crystals.

I bring light. I lift people.

What I do raises the vibration – if you tap in to that lingo – of the people it reaches.

Or put another way – I offer smiles.

I can wrap a few other words into this.

Ease. Joy. Love. Light. Heck, even distraction.

When I am wholly working in this place of offering light, I feel the tingle of something more – the Divine – working through me.

I know it’s not just me. I know it’s serving a bigger purpose.

Even if I can’t really define that purpose.

Even if I can’t really even define what I’m doing.

The butterflies and I get a giggle out of this, actually.

It’s so perfectly human of me to try to define it. And so perfectly Divine of the Universe to defy my attempts at defining it.

And my heart beats a little faster.

And the corners of my mouth turn upward.

And little lines appear at the corners of my eyes.

I am blessed to be doing this work.

Honoured to have such a love-centered calling.

Grateful to see the Infinite appear in the most intimate and tiny places.

It’s been an evolution.

The ways that I actually do this work – that I spread light – are always changing, adapting and expanding.

It started with photographs. With insisting I share the delight of Beauty in Small Things.

And who doesn’t smile at the surprise of beauty in an unexpected place?

And then there are the butterflies – the virtual butterflies I send, the butterflies who carry crystal energy to you, the photos of actual butterflies who visit.

Smiles, ease, a lifting up.

Even those times when I write about difficult things – worry, grief, sadness – that brings recognition and a feeling of acceptance for others who are feeling those same things.

All uplifting. All bringing ease. All shifting our focus from the heaviness of this world to the light.

All connecting with different people in different ways.

For each of us this spiritual journey is its own unique path.

Some of us dive deep – others frolic on the surface.

Some of us follow wonder and joy wherever they lead – others choose a path of discipline and sacrifice.

Some lend our voices to big causes – others offer tiny works of service.

We can do all these on our paths, or only some. We can find something different even.

The beauty of our souls is that they are our own and we can practice the spirituality that works best for each of us.

And then there were the boobies.

If you’ve followed along on my blog, you know my most common topics are this spiritual journey, the beauty of nature, the depths of emotions.

Celebrating Cleavage Friday has become part of my spiritual practice. It's uplifting and that counts.You may have noticed that suddenly there was cleavage here.

After I wrote about my cleavage hater, we ended up with a hashtag over on Facebook, and a dedicated group of people participating each Friday in supporting #CleavageFriday.

You may be surprised to know that I consider this as much a part of my spiritual work as sending butterflies.

I know it’s not for everyone. Humans have complex emotions and thoughts wrapped up in our personal histories and belief systems.

That’s okay.

It need not be for everyone.

Cleavage as spiritual practice

How does that work?

It fits.

It fits with my call to bring light.

To shift our focus from the heavy.

To lift up.

For me, it’s not a political statement. It’s not sexual. It’s not necessarily a feminist movement.

For me, it is merely about providing another point of beauty that others can enjoy.

It’s about giving us a moment to step away from the things that anger us, the things that weigh us down.

And I’m pretty sure – based on responses I’ve seen both on Facebook and in offline conversations – that it really is a bright spot when the photos appear each Friday.

By bringing something that can help us smile and feel lighter, I’m doing that spiritual work I’m here to do.

If you interpret it as a feminist statement or see me as strong for starting this “movement”, I’m okay with that. Even if a movement wasn’t my intent, if it’s shifting focus to something positive, I’m all for it.

My only caveat is simple. If you’re seeing objectification in sharing our cleavage photos – whether you are objectifying the women who are participating, or if you feel the women participating are contributing to objectification – then this particular form of spirituality is not for you.

Just as I don’t ask others to not pray for me (even though prayer is not my thing at all!), I ask that you don’t ask us to stop. Simply notice your own response and remind yourself that this is helping to bring cheer and ease to someone, even if it’s not for you.

And then carry on with your awesome self.

We can all be here together, even if we are sometimes apart.

Be well and keep smiling. Your soul just may thank you for it.

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