Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

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Sending butterflies to you – and to all who need them!

Be sure to share these with someone who needs them – share the image, or go ahead and tag them. Let them experience this moment of ease, too.

Today the butterflies are layered with a lovely flower whose name I do not know and the all new Essence Mandala “Universal Light”. This is the light of the Divine, the light within each of us, the light of love, the lightness of pleasure and humour, the light the shines the way. We each are a light for others, and we each receive the light from others – as long as our hearts our open and our intention is true.
Know that you are Divine, you carry this light always. The butterflies are here to show it to you, to let you see your beautiful light that we can all see, to brighten your light if it has dimmed a little, to bring you the light you need from the world and the souls near you.

May you feel ease and joy in this moment. May your spirits be lifted and your heart be open. May the butterflies carry away your pain and worries.
You are loved. You are not alone.????❤️???????????????? #butterfliesforyou #butterflyenergy #EssenceMandala #UniversalLight #spiritualsupport #SoulfulButterfly

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