Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Sending butterflies to you! They may not cure all that is difficult, but they do bring a moment of calm, delight, awe, and thankfulness.
May they lift your spirits, ease your heart, carry away your worries and pain. May they awaken in you the softness your heart needs in this moment.

This image is layered with love and images of my making. White crocus flowers, open to the sun, layered with sun shimmers and yellow tailed butterflies, all held together with a new Essence Mandala “Self-Compassion”. Love yourself. Accept yourself. Understand your humanness. Hold space for yourself. Whether you feel pain or regret, worry or sadness, it is yours and it is beautiful and you are beautiful.
You are loved. You are not alone.
Share this image as you wish. May all those who need its message and need these butterflies now receive them.

#butterfliesforyou #butterflyenergy #EssenceMandala #Self-compassion #spiritualsupport #SoulfulButterfly

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