Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Sending out butterflies to you and you and you and, yes, also you.

Let yourself feel their uplifting magic. Notice your worries and pain floating off on their wings. Breathe deeply the ease that flows in to fill your heart. Know that this moment is pleasure, joy, delight, calm. You have room in your soul for all of these and more.
This image is created with photos of my Abalone shell and Amethyst, layered with Yellow Swallowtail butterflies floating over my back yard, all joined with the Essence Mandala of Tenderheartedness.
Spend a moment with the image, with the butterflies, with this mandala. Let the Essence of Tenderheartedness fill you and fuel you. Strength rises within us in so many ways. May there be tenderness in your heart in all your actions. May it help you receive the love and help you need, may it pour from you to those who most need it, may it temper the work you are fighting through with compassion. Let your tenderheart lead you. This is strength.

You are loved. You are not alone.

Share these butterflies so they may touch all the hearts who need them.
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