Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Photo Caption:

Sending butterflies to all of you who could use their lift! They are here to bring your heart and eyes to joy and beauty – to a moment of bright pleasure. May they lift your spirits and soothe your heart. May their ease find its way deep into the whole of you and may their colourful wings carry away your pain and worries.
Tonight the image is photos of mine combined with a lovely new Essence Mandala created of Soulful Ease. The Essence is layered with Magnolia flower, Yellow Swallowtail butterflies, shimmers of sunlight over violets in bloom.

Stay a moment with this image. Feel your soul fill with ease. Breathe in the essence and the beauty. Know that you are loved. That you are not alone.
Be well. Share this widely. May all who need these butterflies receive them. <3 <3

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