Rock The Butterfly Essence – Crystal Energy Support

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Crystals and stones have essence – characteristics that can influence those who come in contact with them.

Even from a distance.

There are times when you might need that essence.

Perhaps you need a solid and restful night of sleep.

Maybe you have a big meeting that you'll need to be calm and prepared for.

You might need a boost in your creativity or focus.

Crystals and butterflies can help!

Where do the butterflies come in?

The butterfly is you – the physical representation of your energy as you connect with the crystal for your session.

The rock is the crystal of choice.

And the essence is what you receive from that crystal.

This is Rock The Butterfly Essence!

You may want calm, better sleep, focus, creativity, acceptance, better communication, or to get things done.

Scroll down to see some of the essence qualities we have received from each of the crystals we have worked with.

All in all, the crystals have provided just what was needed at just the right time.

You can receive this, too!

For your session, we will set up a time – usually 2 to 4 hours or overnight if it is for sleep.

I'll send you a photo of your butterfly with its rock. This helps to anchor your energy in the process – and, well, it usually looks pretty, too.

I'll let you know when your butterfly is released.

You carry on with what you are doing, helped by the crystal who is influencing you.

While you are with the butterfly – and often for a time afterwards – you will receive energies from the crystal that will influence you as you move through your day.

Order a few sessions at once – the shifts can be deeper and more helpful over more than one session.

You may choose which crystal you would like to work with, or we can let the pendulum choose.

Your heart could use a lift. Let's rock it with the essence you need!

The first session is $23 CAD, additional sessions, ordered at the same time, are $10 CAD each.


Save by ordering more than one


The crystal rock stars of Rock The Butterfly Essence, Left to right Back row: Celestite, Agate Pyramid, Malachite; second row: Agate Geode, Lepidolite heart, Moss Agate heart, Rhodonite heart, Ocean Jasper egg, Third row: Labradorite, Carnelian heart, Mexican Onyx heart, Brecchiated Jasper heart, Selenite heart; Front row: Peach Moonstone heart, Blue Fluorite heart, Blue-Green Kyanite, Rose Quartz heart

The Rock Stars are ready to share their beautiful essence with you.

Which rock star carries the best crystal energy support for you?

In our trial sessions, we have found celestite is consistently calming and is an excellent sleep aid if used overnight.

Blue fluorite can boost creativity – bringing intuition to your productivity.

Malachite is known to be protective but has also been found to be carrier of zen positivity.

Peach moonstone is full of love and acceptance.

Labradorite can open your heart and your mind to the wisdom of the Divine.

Moss agate is here in its own heart-shaped world – a bringer of doing and knowing and bright thinking.

Blue-green kyanite – rare as it is – helps us to communicate with heart.

Selenite shifts negative thoughts into more helpful and loving tones.

Rose quartz lifts our love vibrations.

Each crystal will interact with your energy to help you in its best possible way at that time. This means that your experience during the session may not be quite what you expect.

As you can see, there are many to choose from – and I’m always adding more rock stars to work with.

You may choose the crystal to work with, or we can let the pendulum guide us to the best one for you – because the Universe often knows best.

Let’s get you what you need. Let’s Rock The Butterfly Essence!

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5 reviews for Rock The Butterfly Essence – Crystal Energy Support

  1. Robyn

    I have tried many of these and each one is amazing. The celestite gave me the best night of sleep I have had in a really long time. There were others that helped me plow through tasks, others that helped me focus at work, and some that just held me gently (which was exactly what I needed). I’d suggest this to everyone who needs a little boost or “fine tuning” in this hectic world!

  2. Karla

    I absolutely love Teresa and all of her offerings! Rock the Butterfly Essence is certainly no exception to that. Not only have I felt the effects of every session, from calming to energized to productive, but I’ve seen this work for my daughter who had no idea that she was being supported in this way. I asked for help calming her so she could get a school project done, and it was like someone flipped a switch. Just a couple minutes after Teresa put her butterfly on the celestite she became calm and focused and completed what needed to be done in just minutes (after whining and protesting for almost an hour before I contacted Teresa). It was amazing.

  3. Paully D

    Teresa offered a preview of this great product to me while I was in a productivity slump trying to wrap up a web design for a client. She in a beauty of a conversation outside my house said she would head home with “just the right thing” within minutes my messenger app is filled with a picture of my butterfly and a stunning blue flourite on top. Suddenly full of energy and inspired I sat down and hammered out for 3 hours the final touches on a website to share with a client the next day. The slump was busted, and creativity flowed.

    I can not click enough stars to share how amazing and helpful this product is. It truly does rock! I’ll be going back for more.

  4. Autumn

    I was experiencing some resistance and procrastination around a writing project, so I turned to Rock the Butterfly Essence energetic support for help. My resistance is a distant memory, and I\’m done procrastinating. While under the influence of this amazing energy I wrote for 7 hours straight, and made some tremendous progress… amazing results! The next time I need a boost I know where to find it!

  5. Lori (verified owner)

    I reached out to Teresa recently for several Rock The Butterfly Essence – Crystal Energy Support sessions to help me work through anxiety and releasing old self sabotaging patterns interfering with my life and sleep. Last night I received a boost from Celestite and had the best nights sleep in months. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone needing energetic support. Teresa\’s intuition is spot on and she is absolutely delightful to connect with. Do this for yourself!

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