Amplify the voice of intuition with a pendulum

My intuition and I, we get along quite well.

I hear her voice a lot of the time – helping my creativity, my spirituality, and guiding me to people I need to connect with.

Sometimes, I need her voice to help make a decision.

My listening isn’t always tuned in, though. Sometimes I can’t hear but a whisper above the din of my own thoughts.

The big serious decisions are usually pretty easy. That familiar turning of my stomach? Yeah, don’t do it. That sense of ease or the spike of anticipation? That’s a hell yeah!

The thing is, our days are filled with decisions that need making. Many of them are not that easy to answer because I could simply go either way. I could choose this or that, post this or that, ask for this that way or this, price this at $20 or $30.

Those are the decisions that take up time and energy. Energy spent trying to think through the possibilities. And when many of the possibilities will be the direct result of how another person reacts, we all know thinking isn’t going to find the solution.

I know my intuition knows, but I can’t always hear her. If only there was some way to amplify the voice of intuition.

Enter the pendulum.

For years pendulums intrigued me. I was drawn to them, admired them, loved to touch them.

No matter how often I saw them, I never got past wondering which one I would choose.

The pendulum I use every day, made with prehnite, aventurine, iolite, lapis and jasper.Little did I know that one would choose me.

Rather, one would insist I create it….

It started with learning that Prehnite might be a helpful stone for my thymus, and finding a beautiful large piece at the local bead shop.

Sporting smooth facets on one side and natural roughness on the other, this piece seems to have everything.

I thought it was for a necklace, but when I returned home I realized that I have a prehnite necklace already, I simply had not known what the stones were.

When a little tutorial made its way to me on how to make a pendulum, I realized how very simple it would be. After all, it’s just a weight on a string.

The prehnite piece was perfect! Strong, interesting, just heavy enough, and holding all of those energetic properties that would help to amplify intuition.

Once I had it on a string I realized something. Even though I knew I would be loading that string with lots of other beads and stones, it was already a pendulum.

That weight on a string would already be able to sense the answers that would bubble up from my deepest inner knowing.

As soon as the question is formed, my intuition, my deepest senses, have an answer for me. That answer needs to travel through muscles and tendons and ligaments to the hand that holds that pendulum. And as the pendulum receives that message it amplifies the volume for me so I can finally hear intuition again, by seeing the answers my pendulum gives.

So I turned to this barely created pendulum to help me finish it.

Do you want this stone to be part of your pendulum?“, I would ask. And that dangling prehnite would swing a yes or circle a no in response to each one.

I asked about my favourite stones. Amethyst? No. Carnelian? No. And other beads and stones I had. Lapis? Yes! Aventurine? Yes! Until I had a lovely string of greens and blues and silver, that looked complete to me.

Are you complete? Yes. Is there anything more you’d like added to you? No.

Wheeeee! My first pendulum was created and hasn’t left my side since!

There’s something free and beautiful about creating this way, with intuition as guide.

The Hermit card from the Gratitude Tarot as a pendulum.And I’m super excited that I get to do even more of it!

In another beautiful synchronicity, I’ve gotten my hands on some pendants of the Gratitude Tarot cards. Naturally, I’ve chosen to ask them to guide me to make them into pendulums for you! The Beauty and Wisdom of the Gratitude Tarot, made for your intuition by my intuition. Have a look here.

How do you access your own inner knowing? Is there something you create intuitively?

Learn how to use your pendulum here! And get a free printable from me!

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4 Responses to Amplify the voice of intuition with a pendulum

  1. Andrei March 14, 2013 at 1:51 am #

    Intuition came into my help many times, but when I’m undecided I use to flip a coin and see what it turns out to be 🙂 My mom used to think that a pendulum can predict the outcome of certain actions. She told me that when it’d go round, the answer would have been negative, but if it went into a straight line, than that action would end successfully.

  2. Joanna May 10, 2013 at 10:30 am #

    Teresa, I love how you ask the pendulum what beads and stones it wants. You had asked me recently which penulum I have. It is the Hermit. (the one in the picture) I love it and when I see the picture I feel a little burst of excitement because it chose me.

    I have one question: I thought that the circle was yes, and the swing was no. Do all pendulum’s work the other way or is it upto the person using the pendulum?

    • Teresa May 10, 2013 at 10:48 am #

      Joanna, I am so glad that you love your Hermit pendulum! It’s one of my most favourite images, too, and the pendulum was so soulful in the making!

      As for your question, what I have found is that each person has a particular pendulum language. When you first get to know your pendulum, you need to also learn its language, especially for yes and no. Usually once you have found the yes and no on one pendulum it remains true for you on any pendulum, but it’s often helpful to ask each time you use it.

      I have a blog post about how to use your pendulum that included how to learn that language, and a free printable tool to go even deeper with your pendulum.

      Hugs and butterflies,

  3. Coreen B June 25, 2013 at 11:15 am #

    I just was reading your blog and I drited away to another time. I wanted to thank you for the time you had spent with me during a difficult time. The walks, the talking and laughter was very much appreciated and as I look back I am so grateful to be hear today and be able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. I am grateful for the gratitude cards and look forward to when we meet again.

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