Want help making a decision? Ask your pendulum!

Hooray! You have a pendulum!

Or you’re thinking about getting a pendulum! Yay! It may even be one of my custom made Pendulums. (and if so, thank you! I’m so glad you’ve got one!)

If you’re new to using a pendulum, you might be wondering a few things. I’m going to do my best to fill you in on the coolness that is your pendulum.

So just how do I use this pendulum thing?

The first time you use your pendulum, you’ll want to get to know it. Hold it in your hand, check to see if you notice any sensations as you hold it. Breathe in the loving energies that created it for you.

Next, let it show you how to hold it when you want to use it.

As you hold the pendulum in a few different ways ask yourself these questions:

How does it feel to you? Does it feel natural in your hand? Do you feel any of its energetic properties? If you move it purposely, does it swing freely in every direction? Does it swing in a circle in both directions?

Hold your pendulum where it is comfortable and moves naturally. This may be with the "handle" nestled in the palm of your hand.To find the best way to hold yours, start at the top, holding the “handle” bead between your thumb and finger. Check in to see how that works for you.

Try holding it from a lower bead, with the handle nestled in your palm like in the photo. This will be particularly helpful if you have a long pendulum.

Try your grip on a few different beads on the pendulum’s string.

Notice how the feel changes with each different hold. You and the pendulum are getting to know each other, getting to understand how you’d like to work together.

Notice when you find the sweet spot. You’ll probably always prefer to hold your pendulum this way.

Now that you’ve got your pendulum well in hand, -did you see what I did there?- now what?

Listen to your pendulum. Which really means – watch what your pendulum does.

One of the things a pendulum loves to do is give you a yes or no answer. In order to understand its answers, you’ll first have to learn its language.

While holding your pendulum in its favourite position, ensure it has room to swing freely without hitting any objects or your body. You may wish to rest your elbow or forearm on something solid like a chair arm.

Now release your expectations and worries. Relax yourself and focus your attention on your pendulum and the question in your heart. Calm your mind and open your heart.

Now tell your pendulum, “show me a yes”.

When you and your pendulum are just meeting it can sometimes take time for the pendulum to respond. Be patient with it. Allow it to move freely. Watch for even tiny movements.

Does your yes swing side to side? Or front to back? Or does it swing in a circle? Clockwise? Or counter-clockwise?

This is your yes. This most likely will always be your yes with this and most pendulums you ever use.

Silly as it sounds, I often thank my pendulum after every answer. Because I know the pendulum is just a weight on a string and is really a physical view of what my deepest knowing wants me to hear, I know I’m really thanking myself. And that is something I can never do too often!

Now that you know your yes, it’s time to find out your no.

Return to your calm mind and open heart. Now tell your pendulum “show me a no”.

As before, be patient and watch for the exact movement. It’s different from the yes, isn’t it?

For me a yes is always front to back and a no is a circle. Your combination will most likely be different from mine.

Now you know your yes and your no.

Each time you use your pendulum, asking for a yes and no. I’d be surprised if it ever changed much from your usual yes and no, but it’s a good way to be sure you know how it’s speaking today.

It’s also a great way to connect with your pendulum, and your inner knowing, and let them know it’s time to work. In fact, with time and practice, these simple questions will be all it takes to get you into the relaxed and open state you need to hear your pendulum.

Ask your pendulum anything you like.

It will answer literally. You’ll come to see that the art of asking the question will be the true mastery of using your pendulum.

One type of question I ask my pendulum frequently is about what to wear. I like to feel comfortable and look great whenever I go out, but I can’t always predict what will feel comfortable hours from now. With these questions I am very specific – especially asking about footwear and whether I want to bring a sweater for later. Lately the only times I find myself with sore feet or feeling chilled is when I haven’t taken the time to ask my pendulum!

Of course you can ask much more serious questions also. Things like: Is June 16th the most beneficial time for me to launch my new Butterfly Way course? Is it in my best interest to sign up for Rhiannon’s Purpose: Find the Thread course on the day it launches later this month ? Will my friend feel how much she means to me if I give her 23 Whispers for her birthday?

Specific questions get the best answers.

A question like: Will I be happy? is nowhere near specific enough.

Honestly, though, I’m not much of a yes/no kind of person. In those cute little memes that go around asking if I like one thing or another, I usually either like a third option that’s not offered, or want to say both.

Really, I appreciate that for most situations the possibilities are infinite – that we can only see small slice of what could be.

So how does my pendulum help with that?

Doesn’t a pendulum only answer yes and no questions?


The more deeply you connect with your pendulum, the more you will get to know its movements. You may see different and sometimes subtle changes in how it swings for you.

You may see that sometimes when it swings back and forth it also circles to a different angle and swings from there. You can use that to your advantage!

Give your pendulum choices!

Place your choices in different directions and let the direction of your pendulum’s swing give you the answers you seek.

Try this: Write three choices on separate pieces of paper. Lay them face down in a semi circle. Hold your pendulum above the center of the circle and ask your question. Watch your pendulum swing towards the best answer for the situation.

Use this colour wheel to ask your pendulum to choose one of multiple options. Also great for identifying chakras to work with.If you who are more visually inclined and colour-centric, like I am, click to download the Ask Your Pendulum colour wheel tool I created for you.

In the photo I was asking the pendulum to show me my colour for this year. The angle of the photo may not be clear – it was swinging through green, my colour for 2013.

I could have created this in all sorts of ways, but chose this design because everything is better with colour!

I also created it with 7 distinct colours so you can use it to ask questions related to your 7 chakras, or which colour to use for the text on that beautiful inspiring quote photograph you’re going to share.

I could have gone on a tool-creating frenzy and made a unique tool for numbers, a different one for text, even one that we could slide cards into, but wouldn’t you rather have one tool that can do it all? This tool is so versatile you can use it to choose in virtually any scenario.

The only limitation is that there can be no more than 7 options at a time.

This tool is just for you to get even more from using your pendulum. Click through to the pdf file to download it.What can you do with this Pendulum Colour Wheel tool?

  • Number the sections to learn how many of something to do – I usually number them red -1, orange-2, yellow-3 up to purple-7
  • Use the same numbered sections to choose an option from a numbered list (use a random number generator to make the sequence unexpected)
  • Write your choices on slips of paper placed face down in different sections.
  • Place objects that represent your choices in different sections.

Allow your pendulum to swing towards the choice you want in your deepest heart.

But if that sounds too serious, and you simply need to choose one thing of many, allow the pendulum to suggest that one thing for you.

I used this just the other day. I offered a free SparkEssence Butterfly Healing to someone in my Butterfly Rabble group. I used this pendulum colour wheel to tell me who to give it to. In this particular case, I asked the group to comment with a colour and I asked the pendulum to show me which colour would win. It was that simple.

I could just as easily have written the names of everyone who entered on slips of paper, placed those papers on the sections of the colour wheel and asked the pendulum to choose one.

Either way works.

And it’s exactly that flexibility that allows using a pendulum to be exactly what you want it to be for you.

So, then, all a pendulum does is answer questions, right?

Not really. Pendulums can be used in energy work, space clearing, identifying spirits, communicating with angels, strengthening your intuition and many more useful activities.

An artful spiritual tool, the Gratitude Tarot Pendulum brings intuition and beauty together to help you amplify the voice of your deepest knowing.Learning to use a pendulum for those practices is definitely a deeper topic than this blog post can cover. And more than I have to offer you at this time. Will I be sharing more pendulum uses in future posts? Well, I guess we both have something to look forward to! My pendulum said “yes”

Have you used a pendulum before? Do you have any tips for new pendulum users? Do you have any questions about pendulums that I didn’t answer?

All photos taken by me of me using my latest Gratitude Tarot Pendulum: The Hierophant. She is really responsive and fun to work with!

You can join in when my pendulum guides the energy. Beginning January 6, I’ll be using my pendulum in energy clearings and butterfly nudges in my Master Sundays group. Join us just for Retro Sundays, or for the whole year!

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10 Responses to Want help making a decision? Ask your pendulum!

  1. Linda May 10, 2013 at 12:31 pm #

    Great article! I have so been looking forward to this. You never disappoint Teresa!

  2. Jaron May 10, 2013 at 3:06 pm #

    Excellent article! I love my rose quartz pendulum but have not had any burning questions lately…

  3. Belinda Rose May 10, 2013 at 7:24 pm #

    I use a pendulum to do my work in the Akashic Records, so this is something I am familiar with. Pendulums are amazing tools for so many things. This post was a wonderfully informative piece to help newcomers understand how to use a pendulum. Great job!

  4. Claire May 12, 2013 at 4:49 pm #

    I love this! Especially the line…

    “I know the pendulum is just a weight on a string and is really a physical view of what my deepest knowing wants me to hear, I know I’m really thanking myself.”

    That actually makes pendulums feel more real and accessible to me., less poky and mystical. I have a few because I think they’re beautiful, but seeing it as an extension of my own knowing makes me want to se them.

  5. Tracey Ceurvels May 13, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    How interesting! I’ve never tried this but I’m always looking for new ways to find answers to my questions.

  6. Shaun Hoobler May 22, 2013 at 3:00 pm #

    Hi Teresa! Thanks for this. Great post. I’m a new reader to your blog so I thought I’d just add a quick thankyou.

  7. Gayle Ellison-Davis June 1, 2013 at 9:08 am #

    ihave been wondering if my pendulum [not from you. but i i am going to ask to see if one is in the ‘cards’ for me ;] … i will ask it a yes or no question and it will either swing back and forth towards no [not counterclockwise as is usual] or up and down toeard yes [but not clockwise as usual] i have asked if these might mena maybe, or probably not/maybe so … it has not been clear. perhaps i am not asking the right way 😉

    ideas? i’ve been getting quite a lot of jumbo from the jambo and well … i need to surrender i think. <3 g
    [will ask you a question of you fb page.]

    • Teresa June 1, 2013 at 1:57 pm #

      Gayle, when I think about all the ways I can answer this question, I think that you’ve just given me the next topic for a blog post!
      But here are a couple of ideas to think about:
      One of my teachers actually suggested we scold our pendulum if it wasn’t being obvious enough. “I can’t hear you” “Show me what you really mean”, that sort of thing.
      The other idea is that the question may need to be asked in a different way., because not all questions will have a definite yes or no answers. In fact, when this happens you could ask your pendulum “do I need to ask this question a different way to get a solid answer from you?”
      It is also possible that the pendulum does not have an answer – that there isn’t enough information, or there are too many variables, or that now is not the right time to answer the question.
      Yes, I think a whole blog post can be devoted to this! Thank you for the great question!
      Hugs and butterflies, ~Teresa~


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