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Find your Wednesday Wisdom in the beauty of an Essence Mandala, Butterfly Visions card or a Gratitude Tarot card. Let your heart guide you to the insight or nudge you most need right now. How does it feel to you?

Wednesday Wisdom – March 30, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom this week is your choice of an Essence Mandala or Gratitude Tarot card created by Teresa Deak, or a Butterfly Visions Oracle Card by Jeri Totten. Which card are you drawn to? Do any of the cards push you away? Do you feel the energy of just one or of all of them?

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The Ten of Community from the Gratitude Tarot features 2 bright chicory flowers against a dark background. Photography and poetry by Teresa Deak.

My Heart Fell Through Me – A Story

We are more than the sum of our stories. In telling those stories we can both reveal our humanness and declare our progress. We can make those stories our own and open our hearts to the stories of others – and to our whole and beautiful selves. This is one of my stories, part of […]

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Retro Sundays altar featuring Butterfly Resonance Image: Let It Flow - one of the many spiritual helpers who will be there for you through Retro Sundays and the new Awesome thing.

Naming Magic – The Helpers Invite Numbers Over To Play

New awesome things need a name, and numerology provided the naming magic and master numbers to bring even more powerful essence to them.

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When Mercury goes retrograde this June 7 to 30, don't face the possible chaos and confusion alone. Support yourself with energy clearings and community with Retro Sundays by Teresa Deak.

Ease Your Way Through Mercury Retrograde with Retro Sundays

Mercury goes retrograde this June 7 to 30 – don’t face the possible chaos and confusion alone. Receive energy clearings and community support with Retro Sundays.

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Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of bees in Russian Sage flowers with the message to us to Share Joy

October 2013 Free Shared Shaman’s Choice Session

Following the prompts of the Butterfly Resonance Images, for my birthday Oct 10 2013, we’ll share joy and send healing in a free Shared Shaman’s Choice Session.

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