Butterfly Messages – What The Cards Say on March 10, 2016

It’s a beautiful Thursday and a great day for some wisdom from the butterflies.

Teresa Deak drew 3 cards from the Butterfly Visions Oracle Deck. Which Butterfly Message is meant for you?

Using the gorgeous Butterfly Visions Oracle deck by Jeri Totten Designs, I drew three cards especially for you. Which card speaks to you today? What message do the butterflies want you to hear?

Teresa Deak drew 3 cards from the Butterfly Visions Oracle Deck - which butterfly message is for you?

Butterfly Message on Card 1 is Spread Your Wings
If you were drawn to card 1 on the left, your butterfly message is:

Spread Your Wings

This is your time! Let all that is holding you back float away so you can rise on butterfly wings to reach your dreams.

Do not hold back in your life anymore. Now is the time to do what you dream of. It is time to move past your comfort zone.

Butterfly Message on Card 2 is Bond With Pets
If you were drawn to card 2 in the middle, the butterflies want you to feel animal energy.

Bond With Pets

Your connection with pets and animals is an important part of your life right now. Know that you are making a difference for them just as they are making a difference for you.

You have a special bond with animals. You are a being called to help unloved animals. Your pets in heaven are lovingly cared for.

Butterfly Message for Card 3 came from 2 cards! Take Flight and Opportunities
If you were drawn to card 3 on the right, the butterflies had two cards for you!

Take Flight

Great adventures are ready for you when you follow your heart and fly ahead.


How wonderful that taking flight will help you see and experience beautiful new opportunities. Watch for the way the world opens up for you when you truly fly.

This is a message to take risks more often. Do not fear the unknown for it holds adventure. Use your wings to fly into your true desire.
New Opportunities will be coming to you. Do not hesitate to walk through new doors. These opportunities will be a blessing for you.

How do you feel about your Butterfly Messages today? Are you ready to follow their advice? Are you looking forward to where they will lead you?


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