Wednesday Wisdom – March 16, 2016

It’s time for some Wednesday Wisdom!

Drawing from my own collection of Essence Mandalas – Mandalas I created by using kaleidoscope wands to write the word whose essence they contain – I trusted the butterflies and my pendulum to choose 3 images to share their wisdom with us.

Three Essence Mandalas drawn for Wednesday Wisdom. How do they speak to you? Are you drawn to one in particular? How does it feel?

Take a deep breath with your eyes closed, gently asking the Universe to guide you to the wisdom you most need today. Exhale and notice which Essence Mandala pulls you. Perhaps there is another that pushes you away. Maybe you feel each of them, in a particular sequence. There is no wrong way to feel their wisdom – simply notice how the cards feel to you before scrolling down to find their essence.

On the left, in green, is the Essence Mandala of Tenacity.
The card on the left, in green, is the Essence Mandala:


Stick with it. Know that even the smallest movements forward help to keep you on track. Know that even as you rest you are making progress. Know that your strong will and determination will hold you to your quest no matter what the obstacles.

In the middle, in dark pink is the Essence Mandala to Invigorate.
The card in the middle, in dark pink, is the Essence Mandala:


Allow the Universe to flow into you, lifting your spirits and increasing your vitality. Through colour and curve, light and intention, we feel invigorated and ready to take action. You are filled with the power of your unstoppable soul and lifted on the wings of butterflies.

On the left, in light blue, is the Essence Mandala to Return.
On the right, in light blue, is the Essence Mandala:


Do you need to return to yourself? Is it time to return a favour? Are you ready to return all that no longer serves you? Are you ready to return to your peaceful and whole self? There are many ways to return – many ways to become whole. What does this Essence Mandala say to you about returning? How do its colours and shapes feel to you?

How do you feel today’s Wednesday Wisdom? Do you feel a boost from their Essence? Do they prompt a shift for you? Or bring up questions for you to consider? Or nudge you into a new direction? Share your thoughts and feelings here or on Facebook.

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