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Poetic musings on the Gratitude Tarot cards

Ace of Thankfulness

Revealed: Ace of Thankfulness

Macro photo of green tulip bud. Gratitude Tarot card Ace of Thankfulness: abundance ready to burst open the bud and flow its happiness on soul-family.

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Two of Thankfulness

Revealed: Two of Thankfulness

Macro photo of green fern unfurling in staccato curves. Gratitude Tarot card Two of Thankfulness: change writes her messages in our hearts and bodies.

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Three of Thankfulness

Revealed: Three of Thankfulness

Macro photo of snowdrops in sunshine. Gratitude Tarot card Three of Thankfulness: uniquely yours, this heady mix of talents will be your work of joy.

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Four of Thankfulness

Revealed: Four of Thankfulness

Macro photo of water drop clinging to backlit green leaf. Gratitude Tarot card Four of Thankfulness: release this grip, let breath flow through fear.

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Five of Thankfulness

Revealed: Five of Thankfulness

Macro photo of magnolia petals littering green grass. Gratitude Tarot card Five of Thankfulness: Beauty remains, ready to be seen, ready to save you.

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Six of Thankfulness

Revealed: Six of Thankfulness

Macro photo of bee on yellow coneflower. Gratitude Tarot card Six of Thankfulness: ready to turn your light on, to send your gifts to a hungry world.

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Seven of Thankfulness

Revealed: Seven of Thankfulness

Macro photo of sun through yucca flowers. Gratitude Tarot card Seven of Thankfulness: dazzle your eyes open to your own creation, your work made real.

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Eight of Thankfulness

Revealed: Eight of Thankfulness

Macro photo of purple rimmed green hens and chicks. Gratitude Tarot card Eight of Thankfulness: pushing skills to blossom and learning begins anew.

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