Revealed: Four of Thankfulness

Four of Thankfulness

Macro photo of water drop clinging to backlit green leaf. Gratitude Tarot card Four of Thankfulness: release this grip, let breath flow through fear.

                  in the holding tight
            we choke the path
      close the passage
to all that feeds us

what can enter

                           a closed heart
                                                   what can deliver

our strongest need

      past our own battlements

      release          this          grip
   let breath flow through fear

dissolving it’s stranglehold

            freeing your soul

see what you need
         and give it boldly
   leaving open your heart

to receive

            the very gifts you give

Your grip can be a stranglehold. For our things to feed us they must also 
be able to breathe. Release your fear of losing by giving from your open heart.

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