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Poetic musings on the Gratitude Tarot cards

Nine of Thankfulness

Revealed: Nine of Thankfulness

Macro photo of single red ladybug traversing a green leaf. Gratitude Tarot card 9 of Thankfulness calls us to the wisdom and truth of our own voice.

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Ten of Thankfulness

Revealed: Ten of Thankfulness

Macro photo of white magnolia flowers against bright blue sky. Gratitude Tarot card Ten of Thankfulness with the message of abundance. We are enough.

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Page of Thankfulness

Revealed: Page of Thankfulness

Macro photo of curved green hosta leaf. Gratitude Tarot card Page of Thankfulness: it is ahead, a doorway leading exactly where you are meant to be.

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Knight of Thankfulness

Revealed: Knight of Thankfulness

Photo of rising quarry steps within the greenery of winter. Gratitude Tarot card Knight of Thankfulness: desire to rest melts in this focused effort.

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Queen of Thankfulness

Revealed: Queen of Thankfulness

Macro photo of bronze iris center. Gratitude Tarot card Queen of Thankfulness: your desires are your path, follow them to your center, into your shine

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King of Thankfulness

Revealed: King of Thankfulness

Macro photo of brown spiral fossils. Gratitude Tarot card King of Thankfulness: labyrinth of gratitude whose spiral holds the starlight we each shine.

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