Revealed: Seven of Thankfulness

Seven of Thankfulness

Macro photo of sun through yucca flowers. Gratitude Tarot card Seven of Thankfulness: dazzle your eyes open to your own creation, your work made real.

brilliance awakens

leaving droplets of starshine

       joy flares
to dazzle your eyes open
to your own creation
      your work made real

for all to see

in the details

and discoveries

                    the next step reveals herself
                       your focus shifts

illuminated by wonder

           and the temerity
     of new eyes


   you see yourself
         as we see you

wholly beautiful

You are nearing harvest. Your constant work and blessings are 
bearing their first fruit. It may be time to change direction.

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  1. John Terry June 24, 2012 at 2:19 am #

    I like the poem…

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