Butterfly Energy: Cleared for Take-off

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it is: always follow the Butterflies.

They may never fly in a straight line, they may seem easily distracted, they may sometimes seem like a blur even as they tug on my heart to follow follow follow….

…but they always land just where I need them.

Teresa Deak always follows the butterflies. This time they led her to energy clearing and a whole new way of helping you.

This butterfly path has been filled with love and colour, exquisite connections and happy discoveries. I know that there will be more to this path, that where we have landed is only a beginning, but I shall relish this beginning as if it is the grand entrance it feels like.

Of all the beauty and connections the butterflies brought, I’m beyond thankful they brought me to Limitless Megan and her BE: Balance Embodied energy clearing courses. Not only once, but twice (as a T.A., no less!)

They opened my heart to hear the messages that I once paid little attention to. They pulled together my experiences, my beliefs, this gorgeous technique, and helped me develop a beautiful version of energy clearing that will bring you back to yourself in the most beautiful way.

And they told me to call it Illuminessence. Yes, it is like illuminating your essence: by making the space for your own energy to flow smoothly between your physical you and your spiritual you, you will glow with the light of your being.

It feels like a gift. And a prayer. And an answer. And all the questions. All rolled into one.

And I’m ready to share it with you.

You can book your own IlluminEssence with me (or her little sister the GlowEssence) right here. If you’re local to Vernon you can receive in person mini clearings and mini readings on December 21 at the Bring Back the Light Winter Solstice Festival.

It’s delicious the way energy and Butterflies are flowing in my world now. Wondrous and brilliant and giddily exciting.

And with the butterfly effect, who knows whose shores these ripples will land on?

Thank you to all of you: my soul-family, my sisters, my friends and my Butterflies. Today feels happy to bursting.

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