Friend or Foe

Macro photo of blue scilla flower suspended in rain drop. You hover there just out of view, begging to gain my attention. Are you friend or foe?you hover
    just out of view

begging to gain
my attention

I pause
            lean in
         to hear you

      and you grow

to name yourself

I reach my hands out
      to you
            to feel your curves
         and nuances

      you duck
    and dive
to avoid my touch

I flail

            without knowing who you are
      what you are to me
in this now

how can I know
      what is needed?

is now the time
      to reach out to soul-family

            to seek butterflies and help

         or send them

is now a time of

      or a time for
   moving forward
with tiny
     gentle steps

            is it for hanging on
        or letting go

and in the end
      are you

until I know

I wait

and feel for the flow
to move through me

who needs some butterflies?

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  1. Heather ( November 3, 2013 at 1:21 pm #

    I love, love, love butterflys – Wonderful x

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