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Consolation Essence Mandala with butterflies and tulips.

2016 – The Year Of Our Collective Grief

We’ve had a lot of practice with loss this year, so you’d think we would be better at recognizing grief. We aren’t. Especially when it is collective grief. These are a few things I’ve learned about grief this year. Maybe they can help you or someone you know right now.

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It's the #MondayMandala with layers of essence: Spiritual with Butterflies on shimmers of Peacock. All photographs and images created by Teresa Deak.

Busy or Spiritual? It Isn’t Either/Or – You Are A Spiritual Being

You are busy. Too busy to devote a lot of time to your spiritual journey. Not a problem. You are a spiritual being. Use butterfly touches to nourish your soul. Teresa Deak can help with that.

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To my thirteen year old self

Letter To My Thirteen Year Old Self

In a Facebook conversation about the (lack of) usefulness in giving advice to our younger selves, I mentioned this letter I wrote a few years ago – and how healing I found it to write it. It’s from a previous blog that I have left unattended. Today, when I went looking for this post to […]

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Just like the light, the fallen down and decayed is also sacred. Everything is sacred.

Of Butterflies and Taxes; Accepting the Sacredness Of Everything

After digging out from a difficult task, there is light and realization. In the sacredness of everything, taxes stand beside butterflies. A sacred rite.

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Essence Mandala carries the essence of essence so you can feel it deep in your heart.

Essence Mandalas – Breathing Beauty And Ease Into Your Heart

Discover the power and meaning of words by sinking into their Essence Mandalas. Yet another way Teresa Deak breathes Beauty and Ease right into your heart.

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