Happy New … Puppies!

New Year greetings have quite the different spin in 2016, what with the surprise puppies and all.Happy New … Puppies?!?!

Yes, Puppies!

I swear the Universe heard me say “We don’t want a puppy” a few too many times and decided to offer us a half dozen of them!

Yes, Puppies!

And so it goes.

Our year ended out with 6 2-week-old border collies stealing our time, our space and our hearts.

There is something to be said for planning. For setting goals and objectives and action plans for the year ahead.

But this year there are puppies.

The Universe heard puppies and somehow left off the "don't want".  So let's see what they are here to teach me.For the next 6-ish weeks, they will take up a lot of time and space.

I’ll do my best to give them everything they need – including cuddles and challenges and play and socializing.

These are formative times for tiny creatures who have been entrusted to our care.

What they experience now will make a very big difference to the types of dogs they will be in their future families.

As with all things I do, I am taking this seriously.

Adorable puppies are in the Deak house winter of 2015/2016. Quite the surprise from the Universe, thank you!As with all of the other fascinating and unexpected bumps I’ve experienced, I’m sure there is something more to this.

There is some underlying reason – some special lesson or gift or transformation in store for me that will be catalyzed by these puppies.

I can’t foretell it.

Puppies are leading the way in the new year for Teresa Deak. The Universe put them right here right now  for some reason. Perhaps it will be revealed in time.It will be as much of a surprise as the puppies themselves.

I hope I’ll recognize it.

I plan to make room for it.

I’m certain it will change whatever plans I think I have now.

So I’ll wait on the goals and plans and objectives until my eyes and heart are opened to what has been given me – to the gift these puppies offer.

And in the meantime, I’ll share their pictures and videos and progress with all of you – because it makes you smile. And that is a light I always want to add to.

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  1. Brenda Ellis January 2, 2016 at 7:30 pm #

    I am loving watching these wonderful pups evolve before our very eyes. Thrilled that you are embracing the experience – and not surprised in the least that you are taking it seriously and giving your all. What lucky dogs!

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