What’s Your Word? Let’s Create A #MonthlyMandala

I tried it before.

It didn’t fly. Not because you didn’t want to participate.

You did.What's your word for the month? How is butterfly energy reaching you today?

I asked, and you offered your words.

It was wonderful.

You are wonderful.

Thank you.

But that was during the time of the puppies.

So much did not get done while the puppies ruled my world.

I even tried to write about how I was sorry I disappointed you all and didn’t follow through.

I couldn’t get that done either, because … puppies.

So here we are, in a new month.

In a puppies-free month.

It’s busy. I’m still catching up on so much that fell behind.

But it’s do-able.

I can think again. I can do things.

It’s wonderful!

And so I am ready – finally – to create Essence Mandalas with this lovely new approach.

Let’s create a #MonthlyMandala!

You may have already chosen a word for your month.

A word that inspires or describes your desires.

A word that empowers or brings its teachings.

A word for the month of April.

A word for you.

I’d like to know your word. All the words from all of you.

I can hardly wait to read them all!

Your words. Your place right now. Your aspirations.

From your words will come our Monthly Mandala for April.

As always, I will trust my pendulum – to choose one word from all of your words.

One for this month – and it will be our Monthly Mandala.

I have a word this month, too

My word for April is Freedom.
Teresa Deak shares her own word for April for her personal #MonthlyMandala - it's the Essence Mandala for Freedom.
Yes, I’m feeling the freedom that April is bringing. The puppies are gone. The cash flow is up. We’ll get me a car this month.

Freedom to get things done.

Freedom to share and accomplish.

Freedom to adventure!


So, today for our #MondayMandala, I’m sharing my own #MonthlyMandala.

And maybe you need a little Freedom yourself.

Let yourself be lost in its colours and curves.

Be still for just a moment to feel the Essence of Freedom flow through you.

How does it feel to you? Are you ready for some Freedom?

And what is your word this month? Dive in! Let’s create our #MonthlyMandala for April! Together.

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  1. Jill April 5, 2016 at 3:54 pm #

    Love it! So beautiful 😉

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