April 2016 #MonthlyMandala – Manifest

Happy April!

In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the month of flowers and showers, warm spring sunshine and surprising cold weather.

It is also a new month and a wonderful chance to set our intentions and desire for the next few weeks, with our first ever #MonthlyMandala.

Every month has promise and potential. Every month has day after day of possibility.

This month we are getting the Universe to work for us – to manifest the things we most need and desire!

#MonthlyMandala – Manifest

The Monthly Mandala for April 2016 is Manifest. Feel the Essence of Manifest flow from this powerful mandala.

I created her for us, to help us live deeply in this month of April.

My pendulum chose the word from those you all suggested, then I wrote the word with kaleidoscope wands to create this beautiful Essence Mandala, rich with the power to Manifest.

Take a moment to set your own intentions, to feel the power of this Essence Mandala.

Spend a little time with it. Let your eyes drink her in. Follow a colour as it curves and curls around the mandala. Relax into its presence, letting the Essence fill you.

What you need is yours.
What you want you will receive.
The Universe hears you.
Let’s Manifest your best everything, shall we?

Our Contributor

This month, it was Lauren Shiro who contributed our word. She had this to say about Manifest:

When I think of the word manifest, I see energies coming together and creating a wonderful orb of light before taking whatever form they are to become. Manifest means hopes and wishes and dreams become reality. Manifestation is the tangible product of your greatest dreams coming true. It’s that amazing moment where your heart flutters, and you lose your breath for a moment because the Universe has just bestowed one of its greatest gifts to you.

To thank her, Lauren will receive a Rock The Butterfly Essence at the time of her choosing.

How are you feeling this mandala? Does it fit with your month of April?

Watch for the invitation to contribute for May’s #MonthlyMandala. You could be a winner, too!

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