It Is Only My World I Create

Macro photo of sun reflecting on moving water over golden and grey rocks. It is only my world I create, and you, yours. Be well. You are dear in the eyes of the Universe.there is a space

between me
and you

between love
for humanity
and intimacy
with another

we create our own worlds
immersing ourselves
in that which we love

that which feeds us

never alone
we seek our

we reach out
across the wide chasm
to find the other

sparkling arcs
energy connecting
shimmering bright

a friend!
a soul-sibling!

yet not always
do we connect
so brilliantly

bumpy or acidic
bland or draining
our differences can
bring us together


they are all that is needed
to tear us apart

in this world
that I create for myself
the world for my heart
I am the gatekeeper

I am the one who chooses
what feeds me

I choose
how complete
this connection
how long it remains

how friend we become

and in your turn
in your world
you choose

we don’t always choose
as one

in this release
I remind myself

it is only
my world
that I create

and you, yours

be well in your world
though you may not
be here in mine

you are dear in the
eyes of the Universe

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