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Jelly Bean and I take a few moments for a selfie to support my 50-Selfie Scavenger Hunt request for suggestions. She's such a cutie pie!

On The Way to 50 – Selfies, That Is

On the way to my 50-Selfie Scavenger Hunt I got a request that made me wonder about the whole thing. And then it turned out great and filled with love and it’s all good. I’m ready for way more suggestions! Bring them on!

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Consolation Essence Mandala with butterflies and tulips.

2016 – The Year Of Our Collective Grief

We’ve had a lot of practice with loss this year, so you’d think we would be better at recognizing grief. We aren’t. Especially when it is collective grief. These are a few things I’ve learned about grief this year. Maybe they can help you or someone you know right now.

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The Essence of Light And Love in a Mandala placed over shimmers of Iron Pyrite, created by Teresa Deak.

Light And Love – It’s What I Do

It’s true that I believe that energy is the root of everything. And that where we focus our energy – and our attitude – makes a vast difference in our experience of the world. And there are some things about energy that I don’t think are always true. Changing your energetic relationship to money will […]

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The Ten of Community from the Gratitude Tarot features 2 bright chicory flowers against a dark background. Photography and poetry by Teresa Deak.

My Heart Fell Through Me – A Story

We are more than the sum of our stories. In telling those stories we can both reveal our humanness and declare our progress. We can make those stories our own and open our hearts to the stories of others – and to our whole and beautiful selves. This is one of my stories, part of […]

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