How To Keep Your New Year Energy Going All Year

A whole new shiny year!

Don't lose that bright new year energy - keep it topped up and flowing with ease all year by joining Teresa Deak for Master Sundays.

Doesn’t that feel just grand?

The energy is so clear and clean and, well,


There is space in your heart for all that you need to flow to you.

Think that New Year energy will last?

It might.

It will take intention, persistent care, and a support network, but we can help that beautiful energy keep going.

It’s easy to lose.

There are a lot of things pushing against that energy in all sorts of ways – and not all of them are altogether pleasant.

I mean, think about Mercury retrograde for a moment.

All the snafus in technology and travel and communication. What a bother! It can be a real challenge to keep your energy on the upside through that!

Good thing it doesn’t start for…


hang on.

The shadow starts on Tuesday, January 6. Way to wrinkle up the crisp new energy of the year, Mercury!

The first Mercury retrograde of 2015 starts on January 21, but the shadow starts much earlier. In retrograde, Mercury’s orbit appears to be going backwards from our perspective on Earth. This can cause havoc and disruption in the areas that are governed by the planet. In Mercury’s case that’s technology, travel and communication.

Don't lose that bright new year energy - keep it topped up and flowing with ease all year by joining Teresa Deak for Master Sundays.While we have a bit of time before the actual retrograde, a lot of people start to notice the frazzling in the energy during the shadow. Think of the beginning of the shadow as the point that Mercury will fall back to when it turns direct again on February 11. Mercury will see this part of its path 3 times before the retrograde and both shadows are over. Travelling forward, then travelling backward, then travelling forward again in the post-shadow.

This is why the Master Sundays is opening up this weekend, and Retro Sundays begins in earnest on Tuesday.

Master – and Retro – Sundays are all about listening to the Butterfly nudges sent by my guides and experiencing energy clearings in a supportive and beautiful group on Facebook.

We’re not actually focused on astrology, but we do more frequent clearings and nudges during Mercury retrograde and its shadows, and we keep that energy topped up and light through the whole year in Master Sundays.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated during Mercury retrograde – or you’ve ever just wanted to have a little energy infusion on a regular basis – Master Sundays or Retro Sundays are the beautiful fit you’ve been looking for.

Master Sundays goes for a whole year from the time you sign up. With energy support and nudges that ebb and flow as the energy does, you’ll breathe ease for the whole beautiful year. You’ll get more clearings than doing all three Retro Sundays in the year, and an individual personal clearing to help in your first month, too.

Retro Sundays runs during each shadow and Mercury retrograde this year. The first begins January 6 and runs through March 3. If you only want the support of the Facebook group during the intense times of Mercury retrograde, this is what you want. But you’ll have to sign up for each one as they come up.

The Master Sundays secret Facebook group hosts Retro Sundays. It’s a beautiful gathering we have over there! I hope you’ll join us!

If you’ve got any questions, bring them on over! Here’s a chance to learn more about group energy clearings, and try one out for free on January 9.

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