What Is Energy Clearing? Join Us To Try It For Yourself!

Everything is energy.

Essence Mandala of Energy carries the essence of the word deep into your heart. Let yourself sink into the image, let your eyes fall to the line or colour or shape that draws them, feel the essence of energy fill your heart.

Energy is everything.

It’s in everything, it drives everything, it defines everything, it is everything.


And yet, we have so few words that truly describe it.

Essence, life force, qi, spirit.

Yes, all of these, yet none of them.

Similar to the way that energy works outside of our constraints of time and space, it also seems to work outside of language.

What does an energy clearing do?

The whole idea of the energy clearing is to smooth out the energy so it flows in the most nourishing way for you.

Many people say they feel calm, ease and comfort.

Some people tell me that things get uncomfortable for a bit as things release – and then the calm and ease moves in.

Some people bring back stories of sudden clarity, or physical relief.

Some participants find that the benefits don’t seem apparent right away, but they have a lot better day – or week – than they were having before.

Since energy clearing can help in so many ways, it is included as the main essence in all of my offerings of ease – Retro Sundays, Master Sundays and a Year of Clearing.

But what will it feel like for you?

I could wax poetic on all the benefits you’ll receive and feel, paint a picture for you, dance my words into tempting and irresistible snippets…

…or you can try it and find out for yourself!

Yes, you have the opportunity to experience energy clearing for yourself on Friday January 9 – for free!

Join in our group energy clearing event on Facebook!
Try out a group energy clearing for free at the Facebook Event on January 9
To participate, just click Going at the Facebook event. On Tuesday at about 10:30 am Pacific time we’ll begin. I’ll tap into everyone who is there, weave our energies together and do the clearing. As I work through the clearing, I’ll share all of my notes in the event for you to read.

If you’re busy at that time, it’s not a problem. Energy works outside of space and time so you’ll still receive the benefits. Just give yourself a few minutes of focus to read through all the notes when you have the time.

Join now! I’ll see you over on Facebook!

If you are reading this after the clearing has been done on January 9, 2015 around 1:00 pm Pacific time – you still may receive some benefits from reading through the clearing notes at the event. There won’t have been a butterfly with your name on it, and you won’t have been intentionally included in the weave of energies, but there will still be something there for you.

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