Butterfly LuminAwesomety – Home Energy Clearing

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Light as a butterfly's touch, bright as the colours of her wings, Butterfly LuminAwesomety is a tonic for your home's energy.

You spend most of your time in your home, immersed in its energy.

Everything around us – and including us- has energy. Energy is the life breath of all things here on earth. It moves and swirls around us in conversations and emotions, in thoughts and wishes, in moments of tenderness and those of trauma.

Energy is feeding you all the time.

You need that energy to be nourishing and supportive. Is it?

For most of us, the energy in our home is bumpy or sticky. It doesn't feed us so much as drain us. Yours may be, too.

Each home is different, but it may show up as feeling tired all the time, not getting the things done that you want to get done, unexplained conflict and just plain feelings of unease.

It's time for us to change that!

Butterfly LuminAwesomety will help shift your home's energy to exactly what you need. So it glows and flows through your home and your heart.

Butterfly LuminAwesomety will restore your space to a clear and balanced state. You will find your home to be more awesome – lighter, brighter and more at ease – and the energy more nourishing for you.

Are you ready for your home to be LuminAwesome?

I'll do the clearing over a day or two. An in-person clearing usually takes a few hours in the home and may take a bit more time afterwards. A remote clearing might be split over a couple of days, or done all at once. It depends on the size of your home, the complexity of the energy effects for you, and how many people live in the home.

Once you order, we'll exchange some emails to schedule a time and learn more about your space and what you and it most need.

This is a special introductory price in place until early 2015. Book now if you want to take advantage of the lower price.



Working with Godiva’s beautiful energetic butterflies, we’ll use energy clearing techniques to improve the flow of chi through your home and clear away the negative effects from other energy influences – from the earth, technology, and more.

The process is light yet thorough – exploring and clearing the energy in each part of your home. Deeply tuning and harmonizing those unseen elements that flow through your life and your heart. Adding the gifts and protection of the butterflies to keep you and your home in the flow.

The versatile techniques we use allow me to do Butterfly LuminAwesomety energy clearings remotely for any home or business anywhere in the world. If you live in the Vernon, BC area, I can come to your home to do the Butterfly LuminAwesomety clearing in person.

Energy is meant to nourish and support you. Let’s make sure it does.

3 reviews for Butterfly LuminAwesomety – Home Energy Clearing

  1. Karla

    Thank you so much for the beautiful Butterfly LuminAwesomety clearing you did for us, our home and businesses! I know for a fact that quite a bit of yucky old energy was purged and good juju is flowing! You picked up on our biggest clutter-gathering area, and for the first time in months I’m excited to get to it and get it uncluttered! It actually *looks* different, easier to tackle, now – I didn’t expect that.

    My partner (who isn’t really familiar with this type of work) says things feel clearer and happier, lighter and more playful, more cohesive and like things are just better meshed together. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and amazing gifts! You are a treasure! <3

  2. Charlene

    Wow, Teresa! Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful Butterfly LuminAwesomety clearing that you did for us! I was just blown away by the results that we got, which were entirely different from what I was expecting!At first, my whole household felt totally drained and exhausted after the clearing – like we had been carrying around so much stuff with us for so long and we finally had a chance to put it down. Also, after your clearing, it became apparent to my fiance and I that changes HAD to take place in our house or we would continue to live our lives in an unhealthy way. Since then, we have made those necessary changes and things feel 100 fold better than they did before!I truly believe that we were able to make these changes because of you and the work that you did. We really appreciate it just so much and are SO much happier!

  3. Jodie

    I don\’t know where to start, the gratitude is overflowing right now. Thank you for the Butterfly LuminAwesomety clearing you did on our existing home as we needed to rid the tense and negative energy and ready our home for the new owners free and clear of energy \”hurdles\” from us. We truly believe that the potential buyers felt the good energy flow and it helped them envision the next stage of their lives here. We needed a quick sale and truly believe we would not have accomplished that without the clearing that you did. I am glad you felt the presence of our dearest friend as well as I have been feeling him for weeks and the confirmation feels wonderful. You are a gifted spirit indeed. Much appreciation always <3

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