Passion, Anger and The Rockin 1000 Alternative

They say it takes a village.

Part of what I’ve been doing here is reminding us all that alone is a myth. We are connected. We need each other.

In that spirit, I introduce a brand new guest post: An exploration with heart, with an uplifting message.

This one is written by my best friend, my lover, my husband: John Deak.

In June of 2015, my father passed away.

The reaction to such an event is something the children aren’t trained for. Some have huge grief.

Mine was ….meh.John Deak with Diva and 'Cuda on holiday on Mayne Island, BC back in 2003.

Our relationship had been strained for many years before we mutually called it quits. Two similar people seeing the world in different ways, and stubbornly going on our own paths. One was going to call all of the shots, and the other sure as hell wasn’t going to take it.

At about the time this photo was taken, after too many ultimatums and unreasonable demands, we never spoke to each other again.

But we had passion.

And that was instilled in me from a young age, It’s in my gene pool. You can’t dilute it. We were both competitive, had a desire to do things right, and honest to a fault. These traits I can thank him for.

We are also feisty. Nobody was going to take a run at us or tell us how to run our lives. And therein lied the downfall. He was the ultimate ruler in our world, even though we had been taught to question such actions. The actions of others, just not him! All of his kids were disowned at one time or another, for better or for worse. For us kids, probably for the better.

Which brings me back to the Passion. All of his kids have it. We are all good at what we do, and we can be proud of the results.

He was a very talented artist, woodworker, backyard engineer, and in his later years, an armchair economist.

Unfortunately, this last one consumed him and his world, lead by a distrust for organised governments, businesses, religions, or whatever else he could find. This made him an angry man.

He felt these economic policies to be reprehensible. Unfortunately, these topics bore into the core of his self-being, and they festered. He found an online audience that would listen to him, but he always came across as this great fighter who was pissed off at a world that wouldn’t listen to him. A world he wanted to change, but had no clue how to do it.

Anger can only carry you so far. What else are you going to do about it?

There are so many ways one can make a change.

Enter Italy! Here is an idea that came out of a desire to get a world renowned rock band to play in their city. Let’s get 1000 musicians to play this band’s song in unison, record the video, and send it out to the world. Maybe the band would hear it? Perhaps they would respond in a positive way?

It can be said “so what? It’s just a band with a hit song. Who cares?”

Somebody cared! A lot of somebodies!

No, this isn’t curing cancer or ending poverty. But it could be the start to world peace! Check out the musicians of Rockin 1000 who played their hearts out.

Look at their determination to do this right, and have fun doing it.

One thousand people, working together to make a change.

How many great friendships have come about from this event? Relationships? Collaborations? Did two paths meet that could actually create a cure for cancer? Or end Poverty? Who knows? But it could happen!

There was no anger at this gathering, only an awesome energy that created something amazing and happy. As of this writing, over 18 million people have seen the YouTube video. Imagine what can be done with positive exposure like this.

I wish Ed could have figured that out before it was too late.

3 Responses to Passion, Anger and The Rockin 1000 Alternative

  1. Heather Persall August 4, 2015 at 6:45 am #

    John I had a terribly strained relationship with my mother and like you, I had to get the best I could out of it. She taught me to be tough in the face of adversity, resilient when it seemed there was no bending, and a mean determination when standing up for what is right. All wonderful things and I thank her but it was extremely challenging to get along with her and especially since she turned to alcohol for her solace. I felt sorry for her because the best part of all of us was passing her by and she didn\’t care. How sad. I\’m sorry you had to suffer that but proud of you that you have turned out to be the truly wonderful man that you are. I feel blessed to have your friendship. Carry on my friend, you\’re remarkable!!

  2. sorrow August 6, 2015 at 4:58 am #

    wow, I guess there are always many perspectives on people. No one has the full scoop. I love the music idea, I am on my way to check it out…

  3. Sam Hobbs September 9, 2015 at 1:16 pm #

    I think we all worry. Your writing (and your humanity and love) lift my spirits. Thank you.

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