Wednesday Wisdom – March 23, 2016

It’s time for some Wednesday Wisdom!

Drawing from my own collection of Essence Mandalas – Mandalas I created by using kaleidoscope wands to write the word whose essence they contain – I trusted the butterflies and my pendulum to choose 3 images to share their wisdom with us.

Our Wednesday Wisdom is coming from three Essence Mandalas created by Teresa Deak How do they speak to you? Are you drawn to one in particular? How does it feel?  How is their energy showing up for you?

Take a deep breath with your eyes closed, gently asking the Universe to guide you to the wisdom you most need today. Exhale and notice which Essence Mandala pulls you. Perhaps there is another that pushes you away. Maybe you feel each of them, in a particular sequence. There is no wrong way to feel their wisdom – simply notice how the cards feel to you before scrolling down to find their essence.

On the left, in red, is the Essence Mandala of Wonder.
The card on the left, in red, is the Essence Mandala:


Open the doors to the world of creativity and beauty. Follow wonder through spirals of intuition and sacred knowing. Let go of what holds you back and let wonder guide you. The Universe is ready to share her secrets with those who pause their brain thinking in awe and wonder at her amazing beauty.

In the center, in yellow, is the Essence Mandala of Pleasure
The card in the middle, in yellow, is the Essence Mandala:


Desire. Pleasure. Satisfaction. What is yours? How do you find it? Do you hold back, letting your responsibilities cloud your opportunities for pleasure? This is your reminder that we are here to experience joy, to follow our desires, to dissolve in unmitigated pleasure. Let yourself go there.

On the right, in green, is the Essence Mandala of Sovereign
On the right, in green, is the Essence Mandala:


You are beholden to none other than you. You are responsible for your own happiness and no other’s. This is your life, your body, your soul. Sovereign. Wholly yours. Open to Spirit, if you so wish. Connected with those you love. And yet only your own. Know your boundaries. Honour them. Hold them. Be wholly you.

Wednesday Wisdom

Three cards each week – this time all Essence Mandalas. Did one Mandala speak to you more than the others? Could you feel all of them at work? Is there a message in all three for you? Do you feel the energy from any of them in your day? Share your thoughts and your feelings here or on Facebook. The Universe thanks you.

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