Welcome Back To My All New Site

Hello, Beautifuls!

Beauty in slices - Glammy butterflies and glammy light surrounding Abalone shell.

Welcome to my newly refreshed home on the interwebs! The site is fresh and new, the domain is all me, and the emails are going out once a week to share my latest butterflies, Rock Stars, observations and beautiful moments.

In the busy multi-faceted world I live, my opportunities for writing from the depths of my heart are few and far between, but the steady flow of beauty will not be denied.

It’s all here.

And there’s more on the way.

I’ve got some awesome ideas that – with the help of the amazing Larah at Mindmeld Creative – will be ready for you in the coming months.

You won’t want to miss this!

Thank you for sticking with me. And thank you for living in light and love and butterflies.

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