Butterfly Signs – I’m Listening

We were greeted by a single Monarch.

Butterfly Signs: My first Monarch butterfly greeted us when we arrived at our first practice home for our new space clearing skills.

As we arrived at the home – steeped in history, darkened by the woods surrounding it, rich with story – the Monarch alighted. A brilliant flash of orange against the faded stucco.

Living in BC, I had not seen a Monarch in person before. This first encounter was with one that posed for me in two different spots.

He (yes, I checked – this was a male) was not still for me – his wings constantly fluttered ever so slightly.

But he held his position so I could get many a photo.

What an amazing gift!

Amazing also, because this was the first house we cleared as a class, and the room outside which Mr. Monarch perched was an important area that needed clearing.

Which, of course, none of us knew because we had not been in the house yet.

As we continued our practice at a total of four locations, I had three more sightings of butterflies.

Each beautiful. Each somewhat surprising. Each with a feeling that there was an important message they carried.

I can’t say I’m positive of the entire meaning of the butterfly sightings, but I’m sure that part of it is a message for me. Perhaps just a yes.

Yes, I need to be in this place. Yes, I need to offer myself to these people. Yes, this is what I am meant to do.

Yes! I’m listening.

When it comes to my own situations, my intuition and my heart are not always quite loud enough for me. I don’t always know definitively that I’m on the right track, that this is a person to know better or that is a place for me to work.

So when a butterfly arrives, that is my true knowing.

It’s a good thing I see butterfly signs so easily!

So what am I talking about when I say we cleared a house?

I’ve learned a method that allows me to clear stuck chi so life energy can flow as it needs to. I also check for negative effects from Earth energy, electronics and even spirits – all of which I have techniques for clearing.

As I learned this practice from our amazing instructors Megan and Jeff Potter, I could feel the importance, the power, the beauty of this work. This type of clearing so transforms a space that it can change the lives of the people who live within it.

As with any new skill, I’ve got some practicing to do!
The next four homes or businesses I clear will be at no charge, while I hone my skills.

If you are local in the Vernon, BC area, and you’d like to feel more alive at home in your space – let me know!

Fortuitously, this work can also be done remotely, so if you do not live in Vernon, but you want to take advantage of this for free, I’ve got room for three homes.

Now is the time! Speak up and let me see your butterflies!

In the meantime, if you want a bit of clearing for your heart, you’ll find it in Retro Sundays beginning Sept 19. Join us for your best Mercury retrograde ever.

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  1. Debra Eve September 18, 2014 at 8:11 pm #

    What a lovely post, Teresa. Your first monarch! They used to be quite common here in California, but I seldom see them now. One fluttered by last week when I had the cats outside — it was so cute to watch them chase it (without success, of course). I might take you up on the home clearing. I\’m starting a huge Autumn Equinox cleaning, even getting in a professional cleaning crew in next week. (I just have no time for housekeeping anymore!) Hope you are well. –Debra

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