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My first Monarch butterfly greeted us when we arrived at our first practice home for our new space clearing skills.

Butterfly Signs – I’m Listening

We were greeted by a single Monarch. As we arrived at the home – steeped in history, darkened by the woods surrounding it, rich with story – the Monarch alighted. A brilliant flash of orange against the faded stucco. Living in BC, I had not seen a Monarch in person before. This first encounter was […]

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Soul Mandala with the essence of everything, because that's what is sacred. Everything.

Accepting That Everything Is Sacred

Everything is sacred. One day this thought landed in my heart, as if whispered there by the Infinite. I had heard this before, of course, but I had questioned it. You see, love and joy and beauty were easy to see as sacred. But how could pain and suffering, anger and frustration, worry and sadness […]

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Wave of water over gently coloured pebbles, love overflowing from my busted open heart.

Knowing Doesn’t Solve Anything

Macro photos of Diva with her squeak and waves of water over gentle pebbles. In my grief, moments of regret are heavy, yet I’m learning that knowing is not the answer.

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