Revealed: Three of Kindness

Three of Kindness

Macro photo of yellow orange blossom embraced by mature daisy. Gratitude Tarot card Three of Kindness: a song, barely discernible in the flat darknessa vast distance looms

beyond me

            gripping me here
                  heavy with loss
                        suffocating in emptiness

yet in its deepest richness

a song


                  faltering at first


      barely discernible
in the flat darkness
                            of    sad

notes alighting
      tiny points within
            this blank


its gentleness calls me
      f o r w a r d    and    u p
            into the colour

that blooms

                        when light begins to enter

                  let the dark teach my heart
            that its own light

my song

my companion

The new rises in the wake of mourning. Gently communicate your feelings. 
The pain of this new truth will ease as you move forward.

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  1. wholly jeanne August 20, 2012 at 8:07 am #

    Oh that last line gives me goosebumps. So beautiful, so true. Thank you – for this reminder and for including Nancy and me here.

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