Revealed: Queen of Kindness

Queen of Kindness

Photo of dancing cloud and light. Gratitude Tarot card Queen of Kindness: to tango with joy, grace must lead, truth & discernment keep the steady beat

            flowing with sureness
                           truth takes her place

above the fray

                     from this vantage
            little can be hidden

in her sharp eyes

laughing flames


                     to know the choice
            that must be taken

is to ascend

                  releasing the shackles
          of indecision

to tango with joy

grace must lead

                                                letting truth
                              and discernment
keep the steady beat

Allow grace to accompany confidence. Discernment flows within honesty 
and respect. Humour shines through intensity.

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One Response to Revealed: Queen of Kindness

  1. Tarot lady January 8, 2013 at 10:34 pm #

    I love this tarot card. To know the choice that must be taken, is to ascend, releasing the shackles of indecision. That is so true!!

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