Love Wins – Diva’s Message

Our little baby Diva girl, posing for her closeup.On Monday, as the moon entered Capricorn, I was scheduled to perform my second receiving ritual. My Diva dog had other plans for me. We spent the morning together as she weakened and the life flowed from her. By 11:30 am, she was gone. She had passed away in my arms, on her bed, with both John and I with her.

It was unbelievably hard for us, yet through it all I believe it is exactly as she wanted it to be.

The rest of that heartbroken day, and the next, have been full of receiving. An avalanche of well wishes on Facebook. Messages of light and love. Messages from Diva on the other side. A kind and gentle reception at the crematorium. Gluten free brownies, a home made card, and a big hug from a dear friend and neighbour. Messages in my dreams.

Love Wins.

That was her message. As bright and clear as all the red things that appeared in that dream.

If anyone knew how to love, it was my beautiful Diva girl. She brought out the best in everyone. You could not help but smile and melt when you saw her face.

As we drove out to Oyama to pick up Diva’s ashes, I was thinking of her kisses on my face – I could practically feel them. I thanked her for them, asked her to never stop.

Then I noticed all the dog hair on my jacket and decided I loved it and don’t ever want to be without pet hair, wherever I am (and, trust me, I always have pet hair on me!). Just then I saw hawk. Again.

Hawk has been visiting a lot. And his message is to pay attention to messages. To be open to the communication that arrives from the other side, from other planes, through my intuition. Okay, hawk, I’m listening.

And I feel completely enveloped by this beautiful light and love that is my Diva dog. I don’t know how else to explain it. She is here. I feel her. She is there, too, at the Rainbow Bridge. There she is surrounded by old friends reunited, and new admirers. They are drawn to her light, as we all have been.

The bottle to commemorate Diva dog, on the sill in front of my dirty sunny kitchen window, beside the Valentine's Hearts from John.She is both. She is forever. And now she is glowing in a small bright bottle in my kitchen window.

She sent me the message, via Bridget Pilloud, that this is how she wants to be remembered. That she didn’t want a goodbye ritual, she wanted an opening-up ceremony. Sounds rather like a receiving ritual, doesn’t it?

She wanted to have water in a brightly coloured bottle, placed in a sunny window. I knew instantly the bottle I needed to buy, the store it was in.

I took a few photos of her bottle, there in the kitchen window. She never cared that the window wasn’t clean, so I guess I don’t need to worry that you’ll see all that dirt. She just wants her bright beauty to shine on.

In the first few photos I saw the bottle, the beautiful light flowing through it.

Diva's Bottle casts a bright yellow angel, radiating red from her. She will always be remembered.As I often do, I went back, took more photos, rearranged the pieces on the sill so her bottle is beside the Valentine’s hearts from John.

And then I glanced down and saw the reflection. The light pouring through and casting its own amazing brilliance in a vibrant yellow angel radiating lines of glowing red.

This is what she wanted me to see. And I will see it again and again. And I will try to capture its sublime beauty often.

This is only the beginning. Memorials and rituals have a way of growing, expanding, evolving. Mine will include, in no particular order, cleaning the window and the window sill, ornamenting the bottle with more beads that she guides me to, and possibly I shall have to write her words on the bottle, too.

Love Wins.

I will let her guide me, I will let time move at its own pace. I’ll share with you all that happens with Diva’s bottle.

This is an opening up ritual, and it may just be one that doesn’t have a real end.

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5 Responses to Love Wins – Diva’s Message

  1. sorrow February 26, 2014 at 7:16 am #

    what a beautiful ceremony…
    so much love.. thank you for sharing this

  2. Bernard Charles February 26, 2014 at 10:15 am #

    I know it’s a transition for you. A balance to restore. A heart to fill. A moment to remember. This post and your call for support in the Authentic group touches me deeply. I am here embracing you if you want to accept it. Sending TONS of love and healing your way. <3

  3. Sierra February 26, 2014 at 7:55 pm #

    Sending you so much love <3 That is a beautiful ceremony you had. She is smiling down on you (and making sure you always have wonderful pet fur) 😉 <3

  4. Leanne Chesser February 28, 2014 at 8:29 am #

    So beautiful :). I love Diva’s message. It’s so special that you were together when she passed and that you have such communication with her now.

  5. Tricia March 2, 2014 at 11:22 am #

    This was a great message, I had a similar experience with my beautiful baby several years ago. I am sending you loads of hugs

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