The Essence of Story Love

Story Love

Story Love. Feel the essence of this powerful word as you sink into the mandala. Let yourself be carried away with love of your own stories.

minutes and moments
twists turns and tumbles
a story with never-ending


through the lens
of love
let your story
be alive

let it shine your

let it grow
expanding its epic

let it lift your
heart – and ours

may we each rise into
loving our own

may we revel in
story love

Take a moment with this Essence Mandala. Sink into the power of its words.

Let your eyes rest softly as you melt into it. Let your heart open gently to its gifts and its beauty.

Feel yourself drawn into its lush energy, into the pull of a curve, the shimmering power of a colour.

Notice the symbols you see, the messages that come to you.

Breathe deeply the essence of Story Love. How does your heart feel?

I create Essence Mandalas by writing the words with kaleidoscope wands. These mandalas carry the essence of their words directly to your heart.

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