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My word for 2015 is Essence and my word for you in 2015 is Ease. Opening, revealing, celebrating the essence of ease in Master Sundays and more.

What’s The Good Word? My Word For The Year – And Yours!

I didn’t settle with just a Word For The Year for me – I have one for you, too! Discover Essence and Ease with me in 2015 in Master Sundays and more.

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Soul Mandala with the essence of everything, because that's what is sacred. Everything.

Accepting That Everything Is Sacred

Everything is sacred. One day this thought landed in my heart, as if whispered there by the Infinite. I had heard this before, of course, but I had questioned it. You see, love and joy and beauty were easy to see as sacred. But how could pain and suffering, anger and frustration, worry and sadness […]

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