Revealed: Six of Community

Six of Community

bursting forthMacro photo of white and pink blossoms. Gratitude Tarot card Six of Community: this rising up embraced by love weaves its currency into our lives.
     brightly different
          from the thousand moments

bland with uniformity

your whispered dream
     awakens this veiled memory

     this moment of rising up

embraced by the love

                         of soul-family

weaves its currency into our lives

in our frenzied quest to find the good
               let us not forget the volumes
          of joyous treasure

the traces of all who have touched us

                    flowing through our cells

for in this world
          of shouldn’ts and couldn’ts
wishes and longing
          we can fuel our long journey with

bold intention

               and the DNA created from
a lifetime of touches

These moments we share stay within our hearts forever.
Your richness lies in the connections you have nurtured. 

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