Travelling During Mercury Retrograde – Am I Mad?

I might be mad.

Despite how mad it seems, I'm using my vacation travel during Mercury retrograde as a way to practice my spiritual ways. Prepare, induce ease, set an intention for enjoyment.

We are travelling next week. During Mercury retrograde. Going to a place we’ve never been on the type of trip we’ve never been on.

During Mercury retrograde. When travel, technology and communications tend to be inside out and upside down.

Am I mad?

I am a worrier by nature. I am wired to think of all the things that could go wrong, and I can be breathless as I wait and wonder what will happen and what I have forgotten.

Yet I trust.

I trust the Universe will keep us safe. I trust that all will happen as it is meant to. I trust that we will receive from this trip exactly what we most need.

I’m still worrying, but I’m also trusting.

And somehow I’m feeling at ease.

How am I keeping my mind at ease? Here’s a few ways…


As I think of things that may go wrong, I am planning for the solution immediately and taking steps to ensure all will go well.

For example: I have a new computer. I’m currently removing stuff that I won’t need for this trip from my old computer in the hopes it will run smoothly and nicely while we are away. The new computer gets to rest at home. If the old one is lost, stolen, damaged or fails, I will not be nearly as upset as if any of that happened to my new one.

We have new swimwear, insurance in place for medical issues, and cancellations, we’ve had our shots and the house-sitter has all her notes about the house and the pets.

I am mentally prepared for delays and for unexpected things to happen – or expected things to unexpectedly not happen.


I’m working with my people in Retro Sundays and Master Sundays already, which is all about ease.

I plan to continue with clearings and nudges while I’m away – using my temporary surroundings as inspiration rather than my selection of crystals and cards and runes.

These spiritual helpers offer ease for my heart, and blessings for my world.

I’m spending extra time blessing my suitcases… and the places we are traveling… and the planes and trains and vehicles we are using in our travel.

My pendulum will always be with me. To help bring calm, to clear when needed, to keep me focused.


We intend to feel relaxed. We intend to enjoy our trip. We intend to refuel and revitalize and reset so we can come home refreshed.

By keeping that intention in my mind – by knowing how we want to feel this whole time – we will be able to see everything that happens through the lens of fun and lightness. If things go awry we can simply laugh about the adventure and choose what’s behind door #3.

Not only that, my intention is also to look deeply within. This energy of Mercury in retrograde asks for just that – for introspection and deep thought. I will drink in all that is new to me, soak in the beauty around me, and breathe its inspiration into my heart.

As they say in some spiritual circles “and so it may be. and so it is.”

I accept not knowing.

Butterfly Resonance Image: Macro photo of water drop reflecting green and pink of millet grass.

What I know is that no matter what image I have in my mind now, our experience will be different. We can’t assume we know what each moment or each place will be like. We can only know that we are two souls, held together with a love that spans decades, finding ourselves in the rewarding abundance of an actual vacation. We plan to make the most of it.

So you may or may not hear from me over the next couple of weeks. There are too many factors at play to predict it.

But I will be living this experience wholly and inviting you in as I can.

And for that, I am grateful.

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